Love Your Liver– Hepatitis awareness the Homeopathy way.


hepatitisWorld Hepatitis Day is recognized every year on the 28th July. This date was chosen to mark the birthday of Professor Baruch Blumberg, awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in discovering the hepatitis B virus.

The Campaigns focus on raising awareness of viral hepatitis within the context of liver health and aim at o improving the knowledge of liver health and viral hepatitis within the general community and create more positive attitudes toward those living with viral hepatitis.
Every year all over the more and more organisations organise campaigns on World Hepatitis Day and one of the organisations created a Guinness World Record attempt for the most people performing the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ actions within 24 hours.
What Homoeopathy has to offer :
Taking Homoeopathic Medicine can alleviate the associated Signs and Symptoms like nausea, vomiting , loss of appetite , increased bilirubin levels as well as reduce further complications which arise as an outcome of the Hepatitis . We have very good drugs which can reduce the symptoms in the prodromal stage as well as reduce bilirubin levels .
To name a few drugs :
Chelidonium Mother tincture is most effective in decreasing the biluribin levels according to my clinical experience .it is indicated in hepatitis with shooting pain in the liver radiating to every direction
So also Ipecac can be administered in the initial stages of the disease especially when there is marked nausea or Nux Vomica when ailments are from too high living .
Bryonia 30 or Bryonia 200 is for pain in the liver region, stitching type of pain in abdomen associated with excessive thirst and constipation
Carduus m. for vomiting dull headache , dragging pain in rt. Hypochondrium aggravated after lying on left side
Also China off 6 or 30 potency is also otherwise a good drug for debilitating diseases .
Among Indian Drugs Carica Papaya mother tincture improves the appetite , aids in GI complaints .
So why not experience the magical effects of Homoeopathy in alleviating some of the signs and symptoms and speedy recovery in conjunction with other systems of medicine ?
about the author: Dr . Zoya Joao ,I/ C Dept of Pathology , SKHMC ,Public Health Specialist


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