I was just de-cluttering my house when i found notes on nutrition given by our Pedodontics professor Dr.Shobha Tandon who would insist on asking the slum kids about the vegetables, they ate, if they ate chapatti, according to her, rice was not nutritious enough. Well then there was a study done by the Paediatric department of Madras Medical College where they had evidence that children eating traditional pazhachor had no vitamin deficiencies so how does that work.

Nutrition is essentially a the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for heath and growth. This is not uniform it changes with personal situations like age, general health, energy expended, etc. and on external factors like climate. To put it in a nutshell optimal nutrition is eating the right things in the right amounts at the right time. The food we eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest or form of poison.

Its is very important, at it is possible to develop a deep dialogue and relatedness with our body for it talks to us all the time. Our body loves us, and it does everything to keep us alive and functioning. We can feed it garbage, and it will take and digest it for us. we can deprive it of sleep it still gets us running next morning. We drink too much alcohol or tea and coffee in my case, it will eliminate it for us. the love the body has for us in unconditional. It allows us to life the life we came here for. The real issue in this relationship is not whether our body loves us, but whether we love our body. in any relationship if one partner is loving, faithful and supportive it is easy for the other to take that person for granted, that’s what we do with our bodies. It is time for us to shift this and our cravings are one of the best places to begin, our mutually loving relationship.

Ever noticed how our food craving changes with the season, it also changes with our emotional state; those are keys we need to know. Our traditional normal food, is not about focusing on a single agent, or talking about cancerous food to avoid, it is about the holistic effect nutrition has on health. For example no matter how much of calcium we take in, the body will absorb only what it requires, the rest of it gets accumulated and expelled as waste.

Traditionally people ate what was available locally during the season of the vegetable. Which is why I am kind of sceptic about this whole thing about standard chart of nutritional requirement. Let’s say whole wheat is good, bread is good, but toast with butter on it is bad, because natural butter has  cholesterol while margarine does not, fine, but hold it, dry toast roasted on your flame or toaster has somethingortheother on it which cancerous.

Well lets take fruits, we are told apples are healthy, hold your horses the price tags glued on it, has a glue which is toxic and the toxin reaches the core of the apple in about 2hrs of the label sticking. So we are totally messed up with what we should eat and what we should not.

Even within the body, if lower the cholesterol to reduce your cardiac issues you could be increasing your risk to cancer.

To me the best way to handle this hype is don’t pay attention to the statistics, pay attention to your body.   Ayurveda evaluates on our body based on the various body systems and its functioning. The diet is then built around it. of course a patient asked my daughter how does that fit into the traditional family and community eating habits and individuality.

My daughter who is an Ayurveda physician says, that there is a broad pattern of requirement because communities and families have similarity then we tweak things to suit us, she likes to point out that since my blood pressure is low, I tend to opt for little more salt in my diet that becomes an individual taste.

On an very loose frame work, people who have a Vata prakruti, again very very loosely who tend to be thin, dry and often feel cold need more grains, oils, salts and little spice in their diet.  When there is a deficiency they tend to be prone to anxiety, constipation and sleeplessness. While people of Pitta prakruti, who tend to be warm and have a more intense and focused nature need, more raw vegetables, and mildly spiced food. Hot and spicy food can make them prone to skin rashes, liver weakness and anger bouts.

People of kapha nature are those who tend to be overweight or stocky and often move and speak slowly. They benefit from lighter foods like vegetables and salads and thrive on hot spicy food. Its best that they avoid dairy, nuts, and grains.

Nothing is right for everyone, and everything is right for someone, Ayurveda avoids everybody must dogma.

Despite cooking being the new fad, we still have stopped cooking wholesome grandma’s dishes I mean my grandma kind of food, about 80% of the food on the shelves of supermarket didn’t even exist 100 years ago.

Basic nutrient of good health, is self care and the self care formula is very simple, that is nutrients in, and toxins out in the realms the body works that is mental, emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual.

There are some special cases where nutrition supplements are required,

  • Pregnancy
  • Nursing mothers,
  • Women who excessively bleed during menstruation.
  • People recovering from trauma.
  • People recovering from prolonged illness.
  • People on long term therapies.

and traditional food does provide it, since traditional food went out with my grandmother’s mother, and like I mentioned before food stocked in the supermarket did not even exist a century ago we need to pick them up. One place which I found that was relatively good to buy the nutritional supplement was…  the reason why I even consider them was that they do not sell elsewhere and they do not have discount offers which mean there are no old stocks to be rid off.  Anyway check it out for yourself.




Ringing in the ears


rinningn my 22yrs of dental practice I have patients who have come and I have diligently referred them to the ENT department, after ensuring that their temperomandibular joint is fine. The patients classically describe this as continuous loud buzzing, droning, whispering, humming or whistling. These sounds tend to me more audible, louder and most of them com to my clinic because their sleep is challenged and they presume that it is a sleep issue and tinnitus was considered as fancies and not something of concern.

Studies in UK show about 10% of the population of UK suffer from Tinnitus though I am not sure about the world statistics. all the same current studies show that there is a direct connect between Tinnitus and injuries arising from conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq the rise is almost 75 and the affected age group is 18-30yrs.   The increase is also seen in 18- 30yrs who frequent nightclubs and concerts where sound of high decibels is heard.

Medically we would classify causes of Tinnitus as neurological damage, ear infection, embedding of foreign objects in the ear, nasal allergies, wax build up, exposure to loud noises which is the commonest of them all, patients are told to live with it.

Recently neuro-physiology is exploring ways to deal with this by toning the sounds with sea wave sounds, and other sounds essentially to distract the brain.

On shifting the focus of my work to a more holistic space, I realized that tinnitus needs to be handled with emotional and practical support.

Metaphysically this is linked to memory and consciousness.  Toning an ancient method of healing with voice helps. It reduces the pressure within the ear and harmonizes the vibrations of the sound allows the frequencies within to reprogram the tones and energy alignment; it also instills a sense of well-being within the person. Since I do not do toning,

I had a client suffering daily ongoing tinnitus for 15yrs, the tinnitus took the form of whispers it was worse when he visited specific places, or was stressed, the biggest trigger ringing of any prayer bell. There was no history of ear-infection. When he visited the physician or ENT he was asked to live with it.

Along with the Tinnitus he had a low back issue, and history of inability to sustain a relationship.

From a holistic point of view Tinnitus can be placed with disorders of the Vishuddha chakra or the 5th chakra.  This chakra governs communication, so it something being communicated either by the clients own inner self, or by an external source.

This required working with inner child, who is demanding attention or to be precise who is demanding to be heard. It could also mean that the inner child was hearing sounds that it did not want to.

out of the tinnitus cases that I dealt with in my clinic, the most successful one was a woman who presented with an associated symptom of violent anger when she heard the church bells, the Tinnitus attack would be triggered by this sound. Sound of rustling of leaf triggered discomfort, close to fear.

  • We gave her an Emerald to meditate with sea wave sounds.
  • After week on after reviewing we addressed the anger, and fear. Using hypno-drama. The emerald meditation of course was continued.
  • After 21 days, the patient was reviewed and then we went in for organ regeneration through hypnotherapy.
  • 21 days later

Through the therapy the patient had to face certain issues, release certain beliefs, find closures and work through forgiveness, but eventually the body balance was achieved, and creativity found its expression, with anger and fear released the emotions were stabilized. This brought tremendous relief in the condition. She is still working on it.

Callus and Corns


corn.jpgA callus is a Thickened and Hardened part of the skin or soft tissue especially in an area that has been subjected to friction. It could also be the bony healing tissue which forms around the ends of broken bones. A hard formation of tissue, especially new tissue formed for a wound.

Calluses and corns are caused by repeated pressure of friction on a area of skin. The pressure causes the skin to die and form a hard protective surface, a soft corn is formed in the same way, except when sweat is trapped where the corn develops the hard core softens. This usually occurs between toes.

A hard corn is medically called Heloma Durum, while Heloma Molle is the soft one.

These calluses and corns may go away by themselves eventually, once the irritation is consistently avoided. They may also dissolve with ketolytic agents that contain salicylic acid sanded down with a pumice stone or filed down with a callus shaver. Or pared down by a professional such as podiatrist or a foot health practioner.

The primary treatment for corns and callus would involve avoiding the repetitive actions that caused them to develop. It can be resolved by wearing shoes that fit right, using protective pads and taking other self care measures. If the callus persists various medical interventions are available, like

Trimming away excess skin  the doctor pares down the thickened skin or trim a large corn with a scalpel usually in the out-patient. Medications like 40% salicylic acid are often used, these are also available as over the counter patches. It is a good idea to use a pumice stone or a nail file or emery board to smooth away the dead skin before applying a new patch. Antibiotic ointments maybe suggested by doctors to reduce the risk of infection. Shoe inserts are often prescribed by doctors to prevent recurring corns or calluses, if there are any underlying deformities.

On an body plane or metaphysically feet are dead give ways of the current situation in your life, this is an extension of reflexology or a technique in itself.

Metaphysically, corns, callus, and blisters represent someone or causing friction in your life, or you are protecting yourself from something. The right foot represents how you engage with the outside world, or your masculine side, the emotions represented starting from the big toes, each toe represents, joy, desire, decisiveness, attachment and fear.

The left foot indicates our relationship with ourselves, besides representing emotions; the toes of the left foot also represent the five elements. That is the ether, air, fire, water and earth in the order beginning with the big toe. The left also indicates the feminine aspect of us, and the emotions that the left side represent are sorrow, creativity, love and trust.

If one were to look at the chakra system then ether toe is the throat chakra, the air toe represents the heart chakra, the fire toe represents the solar plexus, the water toe is the sacral chakra and the earth toe is the base chakra.

What I would do in my clinic is the out patient do the cleaning up of the callus, and teach the patient basic foot care, from there depending on the area disturbed we would begin healing with addressing the friction in a trance.

If the patient is diabetic then the capillaries are involved so the hypnotherapy would take another route.  As Metaphysically we would be dealing with other issues. Though organ regeneration is a major game changer here.

Breathe Deep It is a Gift.


cystic fibrosisSukumar saxena, was brought to me by his mother, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. He was 8yrs old.

While Shivakumar Iyer is 30yrs and is already under treatment for cystic fibrosis.

Since Sukumar was under sixteen and not really very co-operative the therapy had to be done as a surrogate, that is through his mother.  We could gradually bring down the recurrent infection, and drugging. We could improve his stamina he has been able to go out doors to play.

But with Shivakumar we could directly work with him. In the first sitting all did was give him a flip, where he had work with the affirmation, ”I love life and life loves me, I now choose to take in life fully and freely.”  We did not do away with his medication, but we started with

  • Pranayama the breathing techniques to improve the quality of breathing.
  • Food chart was created to ensure nutrition was maintained.
  • Instead of aerobic exercise he opted for a 3mnts Tandava, which I taught him.

These were interlaced with sessions to deal with the core belief of “Life does not work for me,” and the sense of being stifled. These of course came from an unhealed past life. Once the issues were sorted we went in for organ regeneration. Through these sessions we could bring down the medication considerably and improve quality of life.

Since May is the month of Cystic Fibrosis awareness I thought I shall share this.

Cystic fibrosis is a disease that causes mucus in the body to become thick and sticky. This glue like mucus builds up and causes problems in many of the body’s organs. Particularly lungs and pancrease.

People with cystic fibrosis can have serious breathing problems and lung disease and also have problems with nutrition, digestion growth and development. There is no cure for cystic fibrosis, it only gets worse.cystic fibrosis 3

By and large the life expectancy for people with cystic fibrosis is up to 30yrs, newer treatments are making it possible for some people to live into their 40’s or more.

Cystic fibrosis occurs when a child inherits a changed cystic fibrosis transmembre3ane gene from both parents.  This interferes with the salt and water movement in and out of cells, causing the mucus to become thick and sticky. This kind of mucus makes it hard for the body to keep the organs and lungs clean and healthy.

If the child inherits the gene from only parent then the child becomes the carrier and does manifest the disease.

If you are the parent of child with cystic fibrosis then remember you did nothing to cause it.


The diagnosis usually occurs within a year.

The treatment has to be inter-disciplinary. And a combination of home treatments and medicines.

Care should be taken to keep infection at bay and nutrition intact.

The family and caregivers require counselling and support too.

Though the respiratory and digestive systems are affected the most, other parts may also be affected.

Children with cystic fibrosis require pneumococcal shots in addition to the routine immunization shots.

Medication and Management:

  • Bronchodilators like Salmeterol are used to make breathing easier, and coughing of sputum less painful.
  • Mucolytics like acetylcysteine help to thin mucus in the lung and intestines, but these could cause irritation.
  • Inhaling of saltwater, that is hypertonic saline, sometimes helps to clear mucus; it helps to reduce airway inflammation.
  • Exercises it clears airway are used these are called airway clearance techniques these include
    • Postural drainage and chest percussion with deep breathing exercise.
    • Directed cough to clear mucus by breathing and coughing in specific ways.
    • Aerobic exercise can help to improve lung capacity.
  • Mechanical equipment like flutter valve, which is a high frequency chest compression vest. Is sometimes used to clear mucus from the lungs.
  • Digestive therapy uses enzyme replacement with Creon or pancrease to help the intestines to absorb nutrients from food.
  • Nutrition therapy helps to replace lost nutrients, this could include vitamins, high calorie eating, high fat food, drinking nutritional supplement. In some cases intravenous nutrients are given.
  • Enemas and stool softeners are used to manage constipation
  • Antibiotics are used to prevent infections.

cystic fibrosis 2Ongoing treatment for cystic fibrosis focuses on controlling and reducing probabilities of complications in the respiratory and digestive systems.  When it gets to extremes oxygen may be required in the house.

As the children get older it is important to teach them to take care of themselves.

Metaphysically cystic fibrosis could arise from a belief that life won’t work for you, the “Poor me” attitude.  This usually comes with a stifling, explosive spiritual environment in the home, and wanting to put out the fire. One affirmation that works here, is “I love life and life loves me, I now choose to take in life fully and freely.”

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Know Your Number


hypertension17th– May to 24th May is hypertension awareness

Hypertension is perceived as silent killer, and the world hypertension day is about creating awareness of hypertension and to encourage citizens of all countries to help to prevent and control this.

The primary theme for this is Know Your Numbers. That is know your BP numbers the goal is create increased awareness around the world.

Hypertension has been termed a lifestyle disorder as it is sensitive all the aspects of daily life like sleep, exercise, work and stress.  Our blood pressure responds to these things quite sensitively.  What exactly is Hypertension?

When the blood flows through the arteries to reach its destination it exerts an pressure on the arteries, this pressure can be measured and is called as arterial pressure. When the heart contracts to push the blood out, it is called as systolic, and the pressure in the arteries then is the systolic pressure, and when the heart relaxes the pressure exerted on the arteries is the diastolic pressure. On an average this is 120/80 that is systolic/Diastolic.

When we say hypertension we are talking of systolic pressure more than 140 and diastolic over 100.

There are situations that place people as high risk to hypertension, these risks can be manageable or some are not manageable.

The manageable risks are that is they can be reversed.

  1. Obesity—a primary risk
  2. Smoking, or using tobacco in any form
  3. Drinking too much of alcohol
  4. Lack of exercise
  5. Increased cholesterol in the blood.
  6. Increased salt (sodium, potassium) in your diet
  7. Too little vitamin D in your diet,
  8. Oral contraceptives
  9. Stress
  10. Lack of sleep
  11. Chronic disorders like diabetes.

Those risk factors that cannot be managed are

  1. Age with age, the tendency to hypertension increases.
  2. Racial predilection
  3. Genetic predilection.

The warning signs show up as headache, drowsiness, confusion, vision disorder, nausea, vomiting.

The medical treatment for this would be

  • Diet management reduce salt.
  • Diuretics like Lasix to reduce fluid content.
  • Beta-blockers like atenlol to prevent the heart from pumping too hard.
  • Alpha-blockers like doxezosin to inhibit the hormone that causes contraction of the blood vessel.
  • Calcium blockers like amlodipine to bring about vasodilatation.

But if we were to speak metaphysically then cardiovascular disease, as its root in lack of love or joy in one’s life and a feeling of extreme loss, inability to express love or joy with others. Vascular problems are related to circulation, which is giving and receiving, hopelessness, futility, confusion, and a feeling of a purpose unfulfilled. Hypertension or high blood pressure particularly translates to a life energy within a body, movement/circulation of love and vitality through the body, increased pressure represents anger, stress, feeling that cannot or not allowed to be expressed resulting in a build up of inner pressure.

In all the manageable risk factors, or even the metaphysical aetiology of hypertension, the subconscious is not really resting and it does not allow recuperation in the truest sense of the word. This is where hypnosis steps, in.hypertension

Just a small exercise here, if you know how to take your own pulse, go for a short walk for about 5mnts and note the pulse n/minute, then rest a while, when you feel rested take your pulse and  note it again. It is going to be different right when you have just exercised and when you are rested, when you are rested the pulse is slower, which actually means, your body is capable of slowing down and making changes inside, through hetro-hypnosis we find that seed that has gone rogue, and we use hypno-tools to re-design this and allow the germination of new seeds.

The body is allowed to re-experience its own natural balance and harmony, and the body begins to relearn.

Finding My Clinic Space.


dentistSometimes, things happen just like that.

With Myra it has been a constant, she has vertigo, and she has tendency to depression alternating with anger, she was almost declared Bipolar.

She came to as a last resort, and what we discovered was she had massive passive-aggressive behaviour. She had career and financial blocks that were giving her mood swings. Interesting thing about her vertigo was that she had this belief that she was stagnant and stuck while the world moved on. that manifested as dizziness.

Through the session it came out that the tradition at their house was kids worked on the dinning table, and when it was time to eat they moved their books out, if an adult wanted to iron they moved their things, and whoever sitting close to the plug point had to shift. So she was not really rooted into her academic and career self.

Though she did do medicine, and does have a home practise, it is a home practise she also writes for medical journals and public health articles she has no desk space or a place that she can call her own, there is no rooting.

after dealing with her I realized I was quite he much at the same space, in 1993 when I started my clinic, I really didn’t do it systematically like a business. Its only after so many years of practise I realize that a clinic is also a start-up I have to honour my workspace and the energy I put into it.

I have also in the last 5 years experienced the lacunae caused by a designated workspace. Here I am wondering how I will go about it. one option is of course the polyclinic or the shared space for doctors.

When I started my dental clinic I did not bother about demographics and stuff like that, I just went in like bull in the china shop. What am i looking at,  it should be a place that is accessable, yet should not be very loud.

Early practise in dentistry started off from family and friends and eventually it grew. With hypnotherapy it has to be subtler. Of course my sleep apnoe and tobacco patients do come in. so that is an okay space. Now hypno-clients in India a slightly up-market so my venue needs to be on the up-market side too.

A major criteria for me when I bought the clinic space in 1993 was layout, if I had the knowledge that I have now, i would converted the lower floor into my clinic space and rented the mezzanine. Unfortunately the epiphany came too late.

I am actually looking at chair space, since my dental chair can double up as my hypnochair.

  • I need a waiting space, a space to keep magazines,
  • Space for group therapy
  • Then there are spaces needed when I have training sessions, both in house or group.

Just investing in space until have regular group therapies or seminars somehow does not make sense. More importantly until I get all these things right investing into a space does not make sense. Sharing a workspace here makes more sense.

In my second clinic, space was an issue I would use the church or community hall. But putting things together is a pain.

Teaming up with alternate health centres’ would be a good idea, but wellness centers or health centers that I have seen have tied up with spas and tourist resorts that is a place where I do not want to go.


one of the many campaigns we run.

Of course co-workspace seems a good idea, the infra-structure is in place so I do not have to run around for a wi-fi connection, printer, scanner.

The events room and coffee maker are in place.

The business address and common office staff, again. There are concerns like that actually put together, people and optimize the available workspace through co-working. Unfortunately  Delhi- Mumbai-Bangalore are the only places they operate in India, else they are present in 4 countries with about 95 co-working spaces


World Tuberculosis day


WHO banner 2016 — image courtesy Google.

Yesterday was the world tuberculosis awareness day,

The government of India has launched Revised National Tuberculosis program in goa, the event at GCCI  was to create an awareness of it all. The chief guest Francis D’Souza I was very articulate and very crisp in what he had to share, I really admired the man for not venturing into Googled details to an audience who probably know much more about it since they are working hands on.  he had just one question to ask his audience which was probably the most relevant… “x– Number of people dying in Brussels in a bomb blast makes headlines, why are we not making headlines about TB which kills 2.5 lakhs of people each year?

There was no vocal media person present who could answer his question, nor was anyone present.

Technically the world Tuberculosis day was March 25th.

The event was attended by and large by people from the medical fraternity, few TB caregivers. The session was entirely technical focusing on diagnosis, the availability of CNAAT, facility.

The Key facts of TB are

  • TB ranks alongside HIV/AIDS the world’s top infectious disease.
  • 2014 9.6 million people fell ill with TB and 1.5 million people died from the disease, including 380 among people living with HIV.
  • 95% of TB deaths occur in low and middle income countries
  • TB is among the top 5 causes for death of women between 15-44yrs.
  • Globally we are talking about 480000 people developing MDR-TB drug resistant ones.

Facts in India:

  • 40% of the Indian population is infected with TB.
  • 18 Lakh people in India develop TB, each year, of which 8 lakhs are sputum positive that means the rest are not lung or chest infection, but emerge elsewhere in the body.
  • Since the most effected age group is 15 – 55 it causes tremendous economic disruptions.
  • TB is associated with social stigma, so many cases go unreported.
  • TB kills more women in India than any other infectious disease.


Ending TB will only be achieved with greater collaboration within and across the government and partners from civil society, communities, researchers, the private sector and development agencies. This means taking a whole of society and multidisciplinary approach, in the context of universal health coverage.

There are programs for developing diagnostic test, drugs and vaccines to improve delivery we are still talking about dealing with the disease after diagnosis.

We like to say that fragile health system and low economic conditions are challenges, but from what I can see, the challenge is creating the awareness.

Somethings that did occur to me…

  1. If a day dedication is meant to create awareness, then why were there no media? The reporters and doordarshan took off along with the minister.
  2. Why did we not create an action plan?
  3. One of the doctors I do not know her name, I presume she is a doctor, said,”oh! I have anganwadi teachers I train them” – how much are going to burden the anganwadi teachers,
  4. How about routine checkups, and public health education by the primary health centers at the schools of the community they cater to?
  5. How about every news paper particularly vernacular running a health awareness column?
  6. How about looking at other streams of health care?
  7. We are talking about Pharma-vigilance for drug efficacy, how about pharma-vigilance that prohibits over the counter selling of drugs?


    Image courtesy Google

Like Mr. Roland Martins pointed out, the purpose of the day was to create awareness, identify the weak links of where we are failing and create an action plan. We need prevent health to prevent, and then diagnosis to properly diagnose, and finally the treatment and patient care. If health education does occur, we can go about investing in research and marketing of drugs and diagnostic and make our pounds, dollars and rubles.