The Moebius Syndrome day


The Moebius syndrome awareness day.

Moebius syndrome is also known as congenital facial diplegia, congenital ophthalmoplegia and facial paresis, moebus syndrome, moebus spectrum, or moebus sequence.

The Moebius syndrome is rare disorder, where the facial expressions and eye movements are effected. The individual usually has issues, in raising the eyebrow, smiling, the muscle weakness leads to inability to suck properly not allowing proper feeding.

This condition is often found with micrognathia or small jaw, microstomia or small mouth, cleft palate, missing or misaligned teeth.

This condition is non-progressive.

The cause is not known but genetic factors along with environmental issues are cited. Some of the cases present with maternal medication in early pregnancy or maternal drug abuse.

Pathologically there is either an underdeveloped or absence of the cranial nerves number VI & VII.

Some researchers have shown that this is due to an altered cranial blood flow during early embryonic life.

Despite genetics being one of the causes of the inheritance pattern is sporadic. The systems that get affected are:

  • Respiratory
  • Speech
  • Disparity in visual integration.
  • Sleep disorders

The upper body maybe weak. Patients respond well to speech therapy, but the speech impairment does not completely resolve as the mobility of the tongue is usually challenged.

About 30% on the Moebus syndrome patients show up on the autism radar.

When we look at energy healing then this syndrome, has a belief system honed either in womb or just while coming out of the womb. The key usually lies in the immediate past life.


Explaining the Unexplained.


Found this very interesting, and presented very crisply.

Life Clinic IVF

Our minds can understand facts when they are presented to us with some logic and reason. For instance, we can easily accept the fact that over eating can make us fat. Or the fact that we could become diabetic if we are overweight. And when a blood test shows an elevated sugar level we know that it is a diagnosis for Diabetes. So it’s obvious that we look for proof of a disease or condition via a set of clinical tests and when the test results come out as normal we are reassured that we are healthy and fine.

So far, so good. Now, this sense of relief may give us no indication of wellbeing in some situations. Yes, this brings me back to a regular day at my fertility clinic.

About 30% of couples who come to a clinic seeking medical help to get pregnant may have absolutely normal…

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Eczema Awareness


October is the month of Eczema awareness.

Eczema is a medical condition where patches of skin becomes reddish, rough, inflamed, sometimes there are blisters and bleeding and sometimes it becomes rough and scaly.  This is caused by either altered or lack of certain skin proteins.

It could be triggered by

  • Harsh snaps and detergents,
  • Solvents
  • Humidity
  • Lotions
  • Rough wool
  • Staphylococcus bacteria
  • Occlusive rubber or plastic gloves.

Symptoms as I mentioned before are reddened skin that burns, it can also present as oozing blisters, or rough scaly patches.

Metaphysically disease is a belief that creates a thought. This belief could have entered us either currently, or in the childhood or it could be pre-uterine. These beliefs create the energy patterns that is the aura. Also the chemical translation of these experiences gets collected at the cellular level.

when the energy body changes so does the chakra, so does the aura. And these get trapped in the body. when the energy trapped is negative it gets translated to physical illness.

Skin metaphysically defines the container that we call us. Disturbance in this space would mean our space is being violated, or we are dealing with separation anxiety.

When it comes to therapeutic options for treating eczema through we could address the issue on various planes, depending on the itching, burning, oozing, pathway to the core issue is found.eczema-2

Once the core issue is identified then various therapeutic modalities can be used to bring about resolution.

Eczema per say  is about breathe taking antagonism, so here is a small exercise that you can try.

  • Sit in a peaceful space.
  • Breathe in and out till you are really aware of your breathe.
  • As you breathe relax your limbs, head and neck.
  • At a point you will be quite comfortable you can actually feel the stillness as the world rushes.

now use this affirmation… “peace, joy, love and harmony surround me, it dwells in me.” you need to say this 21 times, and preferably for 21 days, you will actually notice a shift in the space of antagonism.


The little pump house


tobacco free“A step for man and leap for mankind” well its those steps we are talking about, nor is the traditional seven steps though forget the phere, we could do a savitri here, since these steps are about keeping our heart healthy.

Lets look at why we need to keep the heart healthy, after all we look at fractions the area occupied by the heart is rather small. But it is the power house, which moves the blood, the arterial and venous pipes carry the blood no doubt but it is the heart that is the centre of the system which is vital to our survival,. It is the heart that carries the blood to the lungs to be oxygenated, it is the heart that carries the oxygenated blood to the rest of the body, and for all thet the heart is a hollow muscular organ as a pump for the movement of blood through the body.

All the body cells require oxygen and the metabolic residue carbon dioxide has to be given out, this process occurs at the lungs, but ensuring that the carbon dioxide carrying blood goes to the lung and getting back oxygenated blood, is the responsibility of the heart. In efficiency results in the oxygen-carbon dioxide balance.

bath tub

relax a bit

The blood that is oxygenated, also carries the required nutrients to the cells, the food digested at the stomach and instetine gets absorbed into the bloodstream, each of these nutrients are essential for the optimal function of the body. once the nutrients are taken up the cells, the metabolic waste created gets poured into the venous blood and it is brought to the heart for purification.

In addition the heart also plays a role in Hormone delivery since hormones are created by ductless glands they are directly poured into the blood stream, which carries it to the designated destination. The gland sense the level of the hormone in the blood, and regulates itself.

Regulation of body temperature is another major responsibility of the cardiovascular system, when the body temperatures rises, the peripheral arteries dilate, this allows the body to dispel the excess heat through the skin. This is essential because body physiology works best in a narrow temperature range.

xammi-nature's cycle

adequate sleep

If I were to give you the saptapadi for a healthy heart then here goes,

  • Be physically active, the activity has to be distributed through the day.
  • Eat healthy food, that is grown locally, and suits the local climate. If you are a migrant to a new town, contact an Ayurvedic Physician not a dietician to help you chalk a healthy diet.
  • Maintain adequate weight, though BMI index is a great indicator, the general rule of thumb does not work here, again I would recommend consult an ayurvedic physician who will give you the right weight for your kind of prakriti.
  • Avoid smoking and using tobacco products. Intake of alcohol should also be minimum.
  • Adequate sleep is essential. Again it could depend any where from 5hrs to 8hrs, this depends on the kind of work done and kind of prakriti of person. age and sex are secondary considerations.
  • Keeping stress levels low, I shall discuss techniques in my next blog.
  • When it comes to dietary salt and fats I go by what my Ayurveda colleague says

At the end of the day,  it is all about balance, adequate physical work, appropriate food, and allowing our selves to

Shall we go on a six weeks get a younger heart program, we start with 10 mnts exercise we can later build it up making an appointment with Ayurveda doctor for our dietary chart and learning to de-stress by turning all our electronic devices off that is mobiles, laptops, androids, tablets, from 10 pm to 7pm to start with, and gradually get gizmo free from 8pm-8am.

Think about it, if you require a support net lets create one.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”


World Mosquito Day and Chocolates.


August 20th is the world mosquito day.

If man would have it, all mosquito’s would be eradicated and the journey began on august 20th discovering the female mosquito as the transmitter of Malaria in 1897  Since 1930’s the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has been commemorating this day.

This would mean a eradication of yellow fever, dengue, chikunginya, Japanese encephalitis. Of course.. But… it would also mean the eradication of chocolate…

Some facts on mosquitoes are

  • Mosquitoes belong to the family Culicoidea. There are about 3500 species of mosquito.
  • Of which only few hundred bite man.
  • Mosquitos’ habitats are found across continents and across climatic zones, the common prerequisite being all stages of mosquito growth requires water.
  • The life span of a mosquito depends on its sex, climate, humidity etc. the life span of a male mosquito is a week after it emerges from the pupa and takes flight. While the female lives for couple of weeks.
  • The food of the male mosquito is plant juice while the female requires animal blood, before it can reproduce.
  • An average female hatches about 500 eggs in her cycle.

What would happen if the mosquitoes were eradicated?

Well there would be major hiccups in the eco-chain and then the ecosystem will adapt to the no mosquito system, which could either be better or worse than the mosquito scenario. Simply because the mosquitoes have been in the ecosystem for 100 million years evolving with the chain.

The implication of this is that there is no prey for a predator, and no predator for a prey that would directly result in no food for a species and over population of the other.

It would mean no pollinator for many of the plant species.

The waters of Tundra is the home for a large biomass of mosquitoes, these mosquitoes are the food for many migratory birds, so eradication mosquitoes would mean 50% of these migratory nesting birds are deprived of food.

The swarms of mosquitoes in North American water bodies, steers the caribou tribe to move path facing the wind to protect itself from the mosquitoes, this results in trampling  out of the lichens, transporting of nutrients, the dead or weak feeding the wolves.

The larvae of mosquitoes are the primary food for many salamanders, frogs and lizards.

The Cercotopogrid species of mosquitoes are responsible for pollination of cacao, the cocoa plant.

The US army research has come up with chemicals that will drive the female mosquito to suicide and render the male mosquito sterile. I am really sure if they are linked to one another. Maybe it is time to see what in the eco-chain have we disturbed.


Dealing With Psoriasis Through Hypnotherapy



To put it in a nutshell is a skin disease marked by red, itchy scaly patches. And Hypno- dermatology is the informal label for using hypnosis in treating skin conditions.

If we were to look at Psoriasis metaphysically we are dealing with the excessive fear of being hurt due to damage to self esteem in the past. It is also associated with deep self hatred and a belief that one is not worthy of being loved. Most patients feel

  • Not good enough
  • Disgusting
  • Ugly
  • Useless
  • Worthless

All this could be present together or variably or just one of them could be present. Often suffers identify themselves with psoriasis and have a deep belief that it cannot be cured, it is this belief that makes recovery difficult.

Many of them have deep anger issues, almost 90% dealt with anger issues. This is usually self directed. Psoriasis is viewed as some kind of punishment. The anger is directed towards the skin in particular and the manifesting psoriasis, clients usually say things like,”I hate my skin”

Hypnotherapy comes to the rescue by creating a change in the belief systems about themselves and the trauma that they are dealing with.  This happens because the hypnotic trance allows the current day adult to visit the event of trauma reassess the situation as an responsible adult and help the traumatized inner child to deal with it.

As hypnotherapy gets the client to a space of almost forgetting their condition it helps to reduce the redness and itching that often accompany psoriasis. The skin, which is the largest organ in the human body is totally controlled by the subconscious mind.

The skin reflects the exact condition that the mind is in, as an example, the redness when one is embarrassed, or the paleness when one is tired. The dark circles of illness; these are all direct from the subconscious mind. so the red itchy skin, is about self directed anger and this requires forgiveness and healing.

The other two core beliefs would be “I am not good enough” and the “Victim” belief. A study by Paul Howard who specializes in hypno-dermatology shows 28% experienced 95% reduction in the psoriatic lesion. 29% obtained about 50% relief, 43% saw little or no reduction.

All participants reported a completely different attitude to their psoriasis.

A pilot study of hypnosis in the treatment of patients with Psoriasis by Tausk F and Whitmore SE  author Tausk F is from the department of Dermatology, The John Hopkins School of Medicine Baltimore Md, USA he is accessible at ftausk@welchlink.welch. Is as follows

The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of hypnosis as a treatment modality for patients with psoriasis, the proposal was based on the observations that the severity of the disease could be co-related to the emotional stress.

Tausk&Whitmore, conducted a three month randomized, single-blind controlled trial of the use of hypnosis with stable, chronic, plaque type psoriasis. The details of the test can be read here  – The study concluded that hypnosis could be an useful therapeutic tool to deal with psoriasis.

spinal muscular atrophy


August is the month of spinal muscular atrophy.

This is a genetic disease affecting the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movements. As most of the nerve cells that control the muscles are located in the spinal cord, the affliction is called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

This usually passed down through families. When a child manifests SMA it is because it has received two copies of broken gene one from each parent, as a result the child is unable to make the protein that is required by the cells that control muscles. The lack of the protein results in the muscle dying.

If the child receives only one defective gene then the child is a carrier, he/she will not manifest the disease but could pass broken gene to his child.

Type 2 SMA or chronic infantile SMA is seen in children between 6-18 months, symptoms range from moderate to severe, usually involving the legs more than the arms, the child may be able to sit and walk or stand with help.

Type 3 or Kulgelberg-Welander disease also known as Juvenile SMA  manifests when the children are 2-17yrs, this is the mildest form of the disease, the child may be able to stand or walk without help, but would have issues running, climbing stairs or getting up from a chair eventually the child may require a wheelchair to get around.

Type 4 manifests in adulthood, there could be symptoms like muscle weakness, twitching or breathing during the younger days. Usually the upper arm and legs are affected. Though the symptoms here are present throughout life, it can be managed with exercises. This particular form presents with a number of variations.

The outlook depends on when symptoms start showing and its severity. With type 1 symptoms manifest any time from birth to 6mnths. Though it is usually visible by age of 3 months. The development is delayed the child may not sit up or crawl. The life expectancy here is usually at the maximum 2yrs. It is possible to make the child’s comfortable with help from doctors and support team.

In all other forms the child can be taught to manage himself/herself by working on easing the symptoms. It is vital to remember that every child or adult with SMA will have a different experience. The treatment plan has to customized to ensure the child has a better quality of life.

Research work is on for newer drugs and treatment options.

Some support sites: