Endometriosis Homeopathic Management



Endometriosis is a condition characterised by growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus . The tissue enters the pelvic cavity via  the tubes and may be found at several sites – on the ovaries , retro uterine pouch , outer surface of the uterus, sigmoid colon, pelvic and abdominal lymph nodes the cervix , abdominal wall , the kidneys and the urinary bladder . Endometrial tissue responds to hormonal fluctuations. With each cycle the tissue proliferates and then breaks down and bleeds. When this occurs outside the uterus , it causes pain, inflammation, scarring , infertility . There is unusually severe menstrual pain or premenstrual pain

Fibrosis of the fallopian tubes  owing to endometriosis is a common cause of infertility  and of tubal ectopic pregnancy . Endometriosis of the ovary may give rise to a chocolate cyst – a cyst filled with altered blood .

It is important to take a detailed case history and arrive at a constitutional prescription . However these are the commonly indicated drugs for endometriosis but treatment should be strictly under a homoeopathic physician .

Commonly indicated homoeopathic drugs :

Palladium –  helps in disorders  of the right ovary , Sabina – especially indicated when the uterine haemorrhage is partly red  and partly clotted  and discharge of blood in between periods . Iodium– is specially indicated in new growths and hyperplasia . Great weakness during menses , menses irregular , brownish , wedge like pain from ovary to uterus .Secale Cor – Passive haemorrhage in feeble cachetic women . Menses irregular , copious , dark , continuous oozing of watery blood  until the next period  and burning pains in the uterus .

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Article by  Dr. ZOYA JOÃO , MD. (Hom) , MPH.

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Dealing With Endometriosis Metaphysically


Patients with endometriosis come to the hypnotherapist with issues of hindered pregnancy or with menstrual related problems.

After clearing the external energies if one does look deeper then the issue use is usually a conflict in expressing femininity.

  • Like wanting to be a mother or not,
  • Resenting the children that are already there.
  • Femininity being abused or repressed.
  • Feeling rejected by partner.
  • India being rejected for being feminine.

There is also a tendency to repress sexuality to create and find one’s own path; this leads to certain inner conflict too.

Of course the belief system that triggers these patterns is what we deal with hypnosis.  Healing comes with understanding and accepting the core belief and then understanding what the feminine energy is about. It is this understanding that we fall short of in many cases. Again why this understanding falls short is our own belief system which we have picked up from the environment we are exposed to.

If I were to put it in a nutshell, like Louise Hay did, then endometriosis is manifested by insecurity, disappointment and frustration. Self love being replaced by blame. The flip or the rewired affirmation she suggests and it has worked for many is… I am both powerful and desirable. It’s wonderful to be a woman. I love myself and I am fulfilled.


Endometriosis An glimpse


March is the month of endometriosis awareness.

What exactly is endometriosis, — endometriosis is a condition when tissues that are normally growing inside the uterus, grows outside it. This often found in the ovaries, fallopian tubes rarely it is found in organs outside the uterus.

Endometriosis is graded as

  • Minimum
  • Mild
  • Moderate

While mild and moderate could exhibit cysts, severe could cause infertility.

Exact cause of endometriosis is not clearly known, it is believed that the retrograde flow of menstrual blood deposits in the pelvic and abdomen region to cause a growth nevi, all the same the reason for the retrograde menstruation is not known.

The symptoms presented are

  • Pain particularly preceding periods, relieved when the flow starts.
  • Pain during periods relieved when periods stop.
  • Painful sexual intercourse.
  • Cramps during intercourse.
  • Cramps or pain during urination or bowel movements.

There are also associated symptoms like lower abdomen pain, diarrhoea, and constipation, low back ache, chronic fatigue, and irregular heavy menstruation, painful or even bloody urination.

The Gynaecologist is the ideal person to diagnose and treat this. But by and large the treatment covers,

  • Non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Hormonal contraceptives’, birth control pills, vaginal rings, or hormonal patches.
  • Gonad tropic releasing hormones,
  • Progesterone therapy

The Moebius Syndrome day


The Moebius syndrome awareness day.

Moebius syndrome is also known as congenital facial diplegia, congenital ophthalmoplegia and facial paresis, moebus syndrome, moebus spectrum, or moebus sequence.

The Moebius syndrome is rare disorder, where the facial expressions and eye movements are effected. The individual usually has issues, in raising the eyebrow, smiling, the muscle weakness leads to inability to suck properly not allowing proper feeding.

This condition is often found with micrognathia or small jaw, microstomia or small mouth, cleft palate, missing or misaligned teeth.

This condition is non-progressive.

The cause is not known but genetic factors along with environmental issues are cited. Some of the cases present with maternal medication in early pregnancy or maternal drug abuse.

Pathologically there is either an underdeveloped or absence of the cranial nerves number VI & VII.

Some researchers have shown that this is due to an altered cranial blood flow during early embryonic life.

Despite genetics being one of the causes of the inheritance pattern is sporadic. The systems that get affected are:

  • Respiratory
  • Speech
  • Disparity in visual integration.
  • Sleep disorders

The upper body maybe weak. Patients respond well to speech therapy, but the speech impairment does not completely resolve as the mobility of the tongue is usually challenged.

About 30% on the Moebus syndrome patients show up on the autism radar.

When we look at energy healing then this syndrome, has a belief system honed either in womb or just while coming out of the womb. The key usually lies in the immediate past life.


Explaining the Unexplained.


Found this very interesting, and presented very crisply.

Life Clinic IVF

Our minds can understand facts when they are presented to us with some logic and reason. For instance, we can easily accept the fact that over eating can make us fat. Or the fact that we could become diabetic if we are overweight. And when a blood test shows an elevated sugar level we know that it is a diagnosis for Diabetes. So it’s obvious that we look for proof of a disease or condition via a set of clinical tests and when the test results come out as normal we are reassured that we are healthy and fine.

So far, so good. Now, this sense of relief may give us no indication of wellbeing in some situations. Yes, this brings me back to a regular day at my fertility clinic.

About 30% of couples who come to a clinic seeking medical help to get pregnant may have absolutely normal…

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Eczema Awareness


October is the month of Eczema awareness.

Eczema is a medical condition where patches of skin becomes reddish, rough, inflamed, sometimes there are blisters and bleeding and sometimes it becomes rough and scaly.  This is caused by either altered or lack of certain skin proteins.

It could be triggered by

  • Harsh snaps and detergents,
  • Solvents
  • Humidity
  • Lotions
  • Rough wool
  • Staphylococcus bacteria
  • Occlusive rubber or plastic gloves.

Symptoms as I mentioned before are reddened skin that burns, it can also present as oozing blisters, or rough scaly patches.

Metaphysically disease is a belief that creates a thought. This belief could have entered us either currently, or in the childhood or it could be pre-uterine. These beliefs create the energy patterns that is the aura. Also the chemical translation of these experiences gets collected at the cellular level.

when the energy body changes so does the chakra, so does the aura. And these get trapped in the body. when the energy trapped is negative it gets translated to physical illness.

Skin metaphysically defines the container that we call us. Disturbance in this space would mean our space is being violated, or we are dealing with separation anxiety.

When it comes to therapeutic options for treating eczema through we could address the issue on various planes, depending on the itching, burning, oozing, pathway to the core issue is found.eczema-2

Once the core issue is identified then various therapeutic modalities can be used to bring about resolution.

Eczema per say  is about breathe taking antagonism, so here is a small exercise that you can try.

  • Sit in a peaceful space.
  • Breathe in and out till you are really aware of your breathe.
  • As you breathe relax your limbs, head and neck.
  • At a point you will be quite comfortable you can actually feel the stillness as the world rushes.

now use this affirmation… “peace, joy, love and harmony surround me, it dwells in me.” you need to say this 21 times, and preferably for 21 days, you will actually notice a shift in the space of antagonism.


The little pump house


tobacco free“A step for man and leap for mankind” well its those steps we are talking about, nor is the traditional seven steps though forget the phere, we could do a savitri here, since these steps are about keeping our heart healthy.

Lets look at why we need to keep the heart healthy, after all we look at fractions the area occupied by the heart is rather small. But it is the power house, which moves the blood, the arterial and venous pipes carry the blood no doubt but it is the heart that is the centre of the system which is vital to our survival,. It is the heart that carries the blood to the lungs to be oxygenated, it is the heart that carries the oxygenated blood to the rest of the body, and for all thet the heart is a hollow muscular organ as a pump for the movement of blood through the body.

All the body cells require oxygen and the metabolic residue carbon dioxide has to be given out, this process occurs at the lungs, but ensuring that the carbon dioxide carrying blood goes to the lung and getting back oxygenated blood, is the responsibility of the heart. In efficiency results in the oxygen-carbon dioxide balance.

bath tub

relax a bit

The blood that is oxygenated, also carries the required nutrients to the cells, the food digested at the stomach and instetine gets absorbed into the bloodstream, each of these nutrients are essential for the optimal function of the body. once the nutrients are taken up the cells, the metabolic waste created gets poured into the venous blood and it is brought to the heart for purification.

In addition the heart also plays a role in Hormone delivery since hormones are created by ductless glands they are directly poured into the blood stream, which carries it to the designated destination. The gland sense the level of the hormone in the blood, and regulates itself.

Regulation of body temperature is another major responsibility of the cardiovascular system, when the body temperatures rises, the peripheral arteries dilate, this allows the body to dispel the excess heat through the skin. This is essential because body physiology works best in a narrow temperature range.

xammi-nature's cycle

adequate sleep

If I were to give you the saptapadi for a healthy heart then here goes,

  • Be physically active, the activity has to be distributed through the day.
  • Eat healthy food, that is grown locally, and suits the local climate. If you are a migrant to a new town, contact an Ayurvedic Physician not a dietician to help you chalk a healthy diet.
  • Maintain adequate weight, though BMI index is a great indicator, the general rule of thumb does not work here, again I would recommend consult an ayurvedic physician who will give you the right weight for your kind of prakriti.
  • Avoid smoking and using tobacco products. Intake of alcohol should also be minimum.
  • Adequate sleep is essential. Again it could depend any where from 5hrs to 8hrs, this depends on the kind of work done and kind of prakriti of person. age and sex are secondary considerations.
  • Keeping stress levels low, I shall discuss techniques in my next blog.
  • When it comes to dietary salt and fats I go by what my Ayurveda colleague says

At the end of the day,  it is all about balance, adequate physical work, appropriate food, and allowing our selves to relax.world-heart-day-2

Shall we go on a six weeks get a younger heart program, we start with 10 mnts exercise we can later build it up making an appointment with Ayurveda doctor for our dietary chart and learning to de-stress by turning all our electronic devices off that is mobiles, laptops, androids, tablets, from 10 pm to 7pm to start with, and gradually get gizmo free from 8pm-8am.

Think about it, if you require a support net lets create one.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”