Stand against Bullying


The Friday of February is the world stand against bullying day.

Bully is defined as forceful subjugation by use of power or intimidation.

It could happen anywhere and the frequency spikes with each successful episode of bullying. Houses, schools, yards, cyberbullying there are all out there.

Many times we do not understand the fine line between bullying and ragging. Actually the varying intensity of the same. Many countries have anti-bullying laws in the India has too, but somehow the anti-ragging takes over the entire limelight.

Lets look at what is bullying. Bullying could be

  • Personal
    • Name calling
    • Teasing
    • Taunting
    • Threatening
    • Even sexual overtones in conversation would fall in this space.
  • Social
    • Exclusion,
    • Intimidating others to isolate, or ex-communicate
    • Spreading rumours.
    • Embarrassing people in public.
  • Physical
    • Kicking, pinching, hitting
    • Spitting
    • Tripping, pushing shoving
    • Breaking property
    • Making lewd hand gestures.

The perpetuator and victimology is discussed in the blog The Big Bully. Bullies are usually victims of bullying themselves. They are then unable to face the humiliation and feel very helpless, bullying others brings back the sense of power in them.

To deal with a bully

  1. Ask external help. Particularly if it is physical then authorities like the police do help.
  2. Though every victim is effected in the personal space, it cannot be taken personally usually the perpetuator is a victim of bullying too.
  3. If you are dealing with scars of bullying it is a good idea to take the help of a hypnotherapist and release that scar from your space.

For anti-bullying laws in India. read here. For hypnotherapy sessions to deal with bullying click here.




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