Patient Education.


The petition below came to me from of course most of the petitions are idiotic, to me this was blasphemy. Here is a young unmarried girl whose periods were late.

She was upset because her doctor warned her about pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, well that is what every physician would do considering that Chlamydia is the largest killer in India. with i-pills being advertised girls have become lax about protected sex.

The issue might seem gender biased but the implications of Chlamydia is definitely more for a woman likewise the trauma of an abortion is experienced by the uterus and the not male reproductory system.

Of course the only thing the girl could complain is if her problem is not addressed. And it is normal to check the sexual history of a person when they turn up with delayed periods, it is also normal to ask for menstrual history.

Also a doctor only gives medical advice looking after or care taking is the onus of the patient, unless the patient is a inpatient.

If this girl had been married then the history taking would gone in another direction.

My doctor gave me moral advice instead of looking after my health!

I am a young unmarried woman and I visited a gynaecologist because my period was late.

She immediately started questioning me. She asked me whether I was married, whether I was having sex with my boyfriend and whether my parents knew.

She told me that if I had sex, I would get pregnant or catch a sexually transmitted disease. She did not give me the medical advice that I needed.

I felt uncomfortable and unsafe around her.

Unfortunately, there are many doctors like her, who treat single women with suspicion or refuse to treat them at all.

sharmila, no one should be denied health services. That is why I have joined hands with other single women to fight for our health rights and dignity.  

We have drafted 10 commandments that gynaecologists should follow in order to treat single women with respect and in a professional manner. 

Sign this petition and ask gynaecologists to follow these guidelines.

It is the duty of doctors to take care of their patients, irrespective of personal bias. Many doctors follow this duty, but the ones who do not, put their patients’ lives at risk.

sharmila, doctors should treat medical issues, not give moral lectures. With your support we can break the stigma about single women and sexual health.

Thank you for your support,

Pooja on behalf of Haiyya

(Name Changed)



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