International Workers’ Memorial Day,


I was travelling by 3-AC from Hyderabad, when a fellow medic and I got into conversation.

We talked about this and that and finally we landed with tuberculosis, when realized while the Bovine strain of tuberculosis which predominantly found in Ireland was making inroads through travellers into India. Then we got on airborne disease.

Today the 28th April is the International Workers’ Memorial Day, International Workers Memorial Day Or International Commemoration Day For Dead And Injured Or The Day Of Mourning. This event takes place round the world, in honour of workers killed, disabled, injured or ade unwell by their work.

This event was launched in 1970 as workers memorial day and got authentication as a UN international day.

  • About 2 million men and women die in work related accidents and diseases.
  • 270 million work related accidents, 160 million work related illness
  • 444,000 workers work with hazardous substances, and 100,000 are fatally claimed by hazardous chemicals like asbestos

Workers memorial day is an opportunity to highlight the preventable nature of most workplace incidents of ill health and to promote campaigns and union organisations in the fight for improvements in workplace safety.  The slogan being remember the dead and fight for the living.

Since the industrial revolution major health hazards were physical injuries there also issues like tuberculosis and other due to impoverished living. These continue to the day, when do talk about these epidemics we again tend to think of the high risk category that live in congested damp unhygienic area. Our preventive work focused on these.

In 1995 when my mother had huge breathing issues, we went to the pulmonologist, she had cement particles solidified in her lung, now my mother is school teacher and father a doctor we live in wonderfully healthy environment so where did this come from, then we found out the institution that she worked for was constructing a new building and  her class was the first one to shift, so she had inhaled all the cement dust through the construction, this is a given in all developing areas.

BPO’s , software companies are the new blue-collar work zones that come with their set of work related health issues along with sleep debt which is fatal, and disturbed eating habits and sedentary work leading to wellness issues we tend to forget the most dangerous hazard that we are dealing with.

Traditionally the malnourished, congested housing occupants were high risk category for tuberculosis, now is an emerging segment of people working in enclosed environment.

The common airborne pathogens are anthrax, chickenpox, influenza, measles, smallpox cyptococcosis, tuberculosis. About 25 million people get infected by tuberculosis annually, and Dr.Zakir Udwala a tuberculosis research has documented studies that these strains are drug resistance and aggressive.

Workplace infections spread through coughing, sneezing, talking toilet flushing etc.  the potency of toilet flushing with regards to airborne is a little less but all the other, is scary considering the body fluid released is approximately 40,000 droplets and each of this has a nuclei that potentially initiate an infection.axshya

The labour force, be it the manual labourers in at their high injury risk workplace, unhygienic living space and under nourished food, or the pampered  techie labour force with their warped bio-cycles, unhealthy eating options and bio-hazardous working units, this is a day we  remember the dead and fight for the living.




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