Endometriosis Homeopathic Management



Endometriosis is a condition characterised by growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus . The tissue enters the pelvic cavity via  the tubes and may be found at several sites – on the ovaries , retro uterine pouch , outer surface of the uterus, sigmoid colon, pelvic and abdominal lymph nodes the cervix , abdominal wall , the kidneys and the urinary bladder . Endometrial tissue responds to hormonal fluctuations. With each cycle the tissue proliferates and then breaks down and bleeds. When this occurs outside the uterus , it causes pain, inflammation, scarring , infertility . There is unusually severe menstrual pain or premenstrual pain

Fibrosis of the fallopian tubes  owing to endometriosis is a common cause of infertility  and of tubal ectopic pregnancy . Endometriosis of the ovary may give rise to a chocolate cyst – a cyst filled with altered blood .

It is important to take a detailed case history and arrive at a constitutional prescription . However these are the commonly indicated drugs for endometriosis but treatment should be strictly under a homoeopathic physician .

Commonly indicated homoeopathic drugs :

Palladium –  helps in disorders  of the right ovary , Sabina – especially indicated when the uterine haemorrhage is partly red  and partly clotted  and discharge of blood in between periods . Iodium– is specially indicated in new growths and hyperplasia . Great weakness during menses , menses irregular , brownish , wedge like pain from ovary to uterus .Secale Cor – Passive haemorrhage in feeble cachetic women . Menses irregular , copious , dark , continuous oozing of watery blood  until the next period  and burning pains in the uterus .

References :

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Article by  Dr. ZOYA JOÃO , MD. (Hom) , MPH.

Public Health specialist .For free consultation call on 09922170775, drzoe1234@gmail.com


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