Dealing With Endometriosis Metaphysically


Patients with endometriosis come to the hypnotherapist with issues of hindered pregnancy or with menstrual related problems.

After clearing the external energies if one does look deeper then the issue use is usually a conflict in expressing femininity.

  • Like wanting to be a mother or not,
  • Resenting the children that are already there.
  • Femininity being abused or repressed.
  • Feeling rejected by partner.
  • India being rejected for being feminine.

There is also a tendency to repress sexuality to create and find one’s own path; this leads to certain inner conflict too.

Of course the belief system that triggers these patterns is what we deal with hypnosis.  Healing comes with understanding and accepting the core belief and then understanding what the feminine energy is about. It is this understanding that we fall short of in many cases. Again why this understanding falls short is our own belief system which we have picked up from the environment we are exposed to.

If I were to put it in a nutshell, like Louise Hay did, then endometriosis is manifested by insecurity, disappointment and frustration. Self love being replaced by blame. The flip or the rewired affirmation she suggests and it has worked for many is… I am both powerful and desirable. It’s wonderful to be a woman. I love myself and I am fulfilled.



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