The Moebius Syndrome day


The Moebius syndrome awareness day.

Moebius syndrome is also known as congenital facial diplegia, congenital ophthalmoplegia and facial paresis, moebus syndrome, moebus spectrum, or moebus sequence.

The Moebius syndrome is rare disorder, where the facial expressions and eye movements are effected. The individual usually has issues, in raising the eyebrow, smiling, the muscle weakness leads to inability to suck properly not allowing proper feeding.

This condition is often found with micrognathia or small jaw, microstomia or small mouth, cleft palate, missing or misaligned teeth.

This condition is non-progressive.

The cause is not known but genetic factors along with environmental issues are cited. Some of the cases present with maternal medication in early pregnancy or maternal drug abuse.

Pathologically there is either an underdeveloped or absence of the cranial nerves number VI & VII.

Some researchers have shown that this is due to an altered cranial blood flow during early embryonic life.

Despite genetics being one of the causes of the inheritance pattern is sporadic. The systems that get affected are:

  • Respiratory
  • Speech
  • Disparity in visual integration.
  • Sleep disorders

The upper body maybe weak. Patients respond well to speech therapy, but the speech impairment does not completely resolve as the mobility of the tongue is usually challenged.

About 30% on the Moebus syndrome patients show up on the autism radar.

When we look at energy healing then this syndrome, has a belief system honed either in womb or just while coming out of the womb. The key usually lies in the immediate past life.



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