I was just de-cluttering my house when i found notes on nutrition given by our Pedodontics professor Dr.Shobha Tandon who would insist on asking the slum kids about the vegetables, they ate, if they ate chapatti, according to her, rice was not nutritious enough. Well then there was a study done by the Paediatric department of Madras Medical College where they had evidence that children eating traditional pazhachor had no vitamin deficiencies so how does that work.

Nutrition is essentially a the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for heath and growth. This is not uniform it changes with personal situations like age, general health, energy expended, etc. and on external factors like climate. To put it in a nutshell optimal nutrition is eating the right things in the right amounts at the right time. The food we eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest or form of poison.

Its is very important, at it is possible to develop a deep dialogue and relatedness with our body for it talks to us all the time. Our body loves us, and it does everything to keep us alive and functioning. We can feed it garbage, and it will take and digest it for us. we can deprive it of sleep it still gets us running next morning. We drink too much alcohol or tea and coffee in my case, it will eliminate it for us. the love the body has for us in unconditional. It allows us to life the life we came here for. The real issue in this relationship is not whether our body loves us, but whether we love our body. in any relationship if one partner is loving, faithful and supportive it is easy for the other to take that person for granted, that’s what we do with our bodies. It is time for us to shift this and our cravings are one of the best places to begin, our mutually loving relationship.

Ever noticed how our food craving changes with the season, it also changes with our emotional state; those are keys we need to know. Our traditional normal food, is not about focusing on a single agent, or talking about cancerous food to avoid, it is about the holistic effect nutrition has on health. For example no matter how much of calcium we take in, the body will absorb only what it requires, the rest of it gets accumulated and expelled as waste.

Traditionally people ate what was available locally during the season of the vegetable. Which is why I am kind of sceptic about this whole thing about standard chart of nutritional requirement. Let’s say whole wheat is good, bread is good, but toast with butter on it is bad, because natural butter has  cholesterol while margarine does not, fine, but hold it, dry toast roasted on your flame or toaster has somethingortheother on it which cancerous.

Well lets take fruits, we are told apples are healthy, hold your horses the price tags glued on it, has a glue which is toxic and the toxin reaches the core of the apple in about 2hrs of the label sticking. So we are totally messed up with what we should eat and what we should not.

Even within the body, if lower the cholesterol to reduce your cardiac issues you could be increasing your risk to cancer.

To me the best way to handle this hype is don’t pay attention to the statistics, pay attention to your body.   Ayurveda evaluates on our body based on the various body systems and its functioning. The diet is then built around it. of course a patient asked my daughter how does that fit into the traditional family and community eating habits and individuality.

My daughter who is an Ayurveda physician says, that there is a broad pattern of requirement because communities and families have similarity then we tweak things to suit us, she likes to point out that since my blood pressure is low, I tend to opt for little more salt in my diet that becomes an individual taste.

On an very loose frame work, people who have a Vata prakruti, again very very loosely who tend to be thin, dry and often feel cold need more grains, oils, salts and little spice in their diet.  When there is a deficiency they tend to be prone to anxiety, constipation and sleeplessness. While people of Pitta prakruti, who tend to be warm and have a more intense and focused nature need, more raw vegetables, and mildly spiced food. Hot and spicy food can make them prone to skin rashes, liver weakness and anger bouts.

People of kapha nature are those who tend to be overweight or stocky and often move and speak slowly. They benefit from lighter foods like vegetables and salads and thrive on hot spicy food. Its best that they avoid dairy, nuts, and grains.

Nothing is right for everyone, and everything is right for someone, Ayurveda avoids everybody must dogma.

Despite cooking being the new fad, we still have stopped cooking wholesome grandma’s dishes I mean my grandma kind of food, about 80% of the food on the shelves of supermarket didn’t even exist 100 years ago.

Basic nutrient of good health, is self care and the self care formula is very simple, that is nutrients in, and toxins out in the realms the body works that is mental, emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual.

There are some special cases where nutrition supplements are required,

  • Pregnancy
  • Nursing mothers,
  • Women who excessively bleed during menstruation.
  • People recovering from trauma.
  • People recovering from prolonged illness.
  • People on long term therapies.

and traditional food does provide it, since traditional food went out with my grandmother’s mother, and like I mentioned before food stocked in the supermarket did not even exist a century ago we need to pick them up. One place which I found that was relatively good to buy the nutritional supplement was…  the reason why I even consider them was that they do not sell elsewhere and they do not have discount offers which mean there are no old stocks to be rid off.  Anyway check it out for yourself.





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