Breathe Deep It is a Gift.


cystic fibrosisSukumar saxena, was brought to me by his mother, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. He was 8yrs old.

While Shivakumar Iyer is 30yrs and is already under treatment for cystic fibrosis.

Since Sukumar was under sixteen and not really very co-operative the therapy had to be done as a surrogate, that is through his mother.  We could gradually bring down the recurrent infection, and drugging. We could improve his stamina he has been able to go out doors to play.

But with Shivakumar we could directly work with him. In the first sitting all did was give him a flip, where he had work with the affirmation, ”I love life and life loves me, I now choose to take in life fully and freely.”  We did not do away with his medication, but we started with

  • Pranayama the breathing techniques to improve the quality of breathing.
  • Food chart was created to ensure nutrition was maintained.
  • Instead of aerobic exercise he opted for a 3mnts Tandava, which I taught him.

These were interlaced with sessions to deal with the core belief of “Life does not work for me,” and the sense of being stifled. These of course came from an unhealed past life. Once the issues were sorted we went in for organ regeneration. Through these sessions we could bring down the medication considerably and improve quality of life.

Since May is the month of Cystic Fibrosis awareness I thought I shall share this.

Cystic fibrosis is a disease that causes mucus in the body to become thick and sticky. This glue like mucus builds up and causes problems in many of the body’s organs. Particularly lungs and pancrease.

People with cystic fibrosis can have serious breathing problems and lung disease and also have problems with nutrition, digestion growth and development. There is no cure for cystic fibrosis, it only gets worse.cystic fibrosis 3

By and large the life expectancy for people with cystic fibrosis is up to 30yrs, newer treatments are making it possible for some people to live into their 40’s or more.

Cystic fibrosis occurs when a child inherits a changed cystic fibrosis transmembre3ane gene from both parents.  This interferes with the salt and water movement in and out of cells, causing the mucus to become thick and sticky. This kind of mucus makes it hard for the body to keep the organs and lungs clean and healthy.

If the child inherits the gene from only parent then the child becomes the carrier and does manifest the disease.

If you are the parent of child with cystic fibrosis then remember you did nothing to cause it.


The diagnosis usually occurs within a year.

The treatment has to be inter-disciplinary. And a combination of home treatments and medicines.

Care should be taken to keep infection at bay and nutrition intact.

The family and caregivers require counselling and support too.

Though the respiratory and digestive systems are affected the most, other parts may also be affected.

Children with cystic fibrosis require pneumococcal shots in addition to the routine immunization shots.

Medication and Management:

  • Bronchodilators like Salmeterol are used to make breathing easier, and coughing of sputum less painful.
  • Mucolytics like acetylcysteine help to thin mucus in the lung and intestines, but these could cause irritation.
  • Inhaling of saltwater, that is hypertonic saline, sometimes helps to clear mucus; it helps to reduce airway inflammation.
  • Exercises it clears airway are used these are called airway clearance techniques these include
    • Postural drainage and chest percussion with deep breathing exercise.
    • Directed cough to clear mucus by breathing and coughing in specific ways.
    • Aerobic exercise can help to improve lung capacity.
  • Mechanical equipment like flutter valve, which is a high frequency chest compression vest. Is sometimes used to clear mucus from the lungs.
  • Digestive therapy uses enzyme replacement with Creon or pancrease to help the intestines to absorb nutrients from food.
  • Nutrition therapy helps to replace lost nutrients, this could include vitamins, high calorie eating, high fat food, drinking nutritional supplement. In some cases intravenous nutrients are given.
  • Enemas and stool softeners are used to manage constipation
  • Antibiotics are used to prevent infections.

cystic fibrosis 2Ongoing treatment for cystic fibrosis focuses on controlling and reducing probabilities of complications in the respiratory and digestive systems.  When it gets to extremes oxygen may be required in the house.

As the children get older it is important to teach them to take care of themselves.

Metaphysically cystic fibrosis could arise from a belief that life won’t work for you, the “Poor me” attitude.  This usually comes with a stifling, explosive spiritual environment in the home, and wanting to put out the fire. One affirmation that works here, is “I love life and life loves me, I now choose to take in life fully and freely.”

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