Finding My Clinic Space.


dentistSometimes, things happen just like that.

With Myra it has been a constant, she has vertigo, and she has tendency to depression alternating with anger, she was almost declared Bipolar.

She came to as a last resort, and what we discovered was she had massive passive-aggressive behaviour. She had career and financial blocks that were giving her mood swings. Interesting thing about her vertigo was that she had this belief that she was stagnant and stuck while the world moved on. that manifested as dizziness.

Through the session it came out that the tradition at their house was kids worked on the dinning table, and when it was time to eat they moved their books out, if an adult wanted to iron they moved their things, and whoever sitting close to the plug point had to shift. So she was not really rooted into her academic and career self.

Though she did do medicine, and does have a home practise, it is a home practise she also writes for medical journals and public health articles she has no desk space or a place that she can call her own, there is no rooting.

after dealing with her I realized I was quite he much at the same space, in 1993 when I started my clinic, I really didn’t do it systematically like a business. Its only after so many years of practise I realize that a clinic is also a start-up I have to honour my workspace and the energy I put into it.

I have also in the last 5 years experienced the lacunae caused by a designated workspace. Here I am wondering how I will go about it. one option is of course the polyclinic or the shared space for doctors.

When I started my dental clinic I did not bother about demographics and stuff like that, I just went in like bull in the china shop. What am i looking at,  it should be a place that is accessable, yet should not be very loud.

Early practise in dentistry started off from family and friends and eventually it grew. With hypnotherapy it has to be subtler. Of course my sleep apnoe and tobacco patients do come in. so that is an okay space. Now hypno-clients in India a slightly up-market so my venue needs to be on the up-market side too.

A major criteria for me when I bought the clinic space in 1993 was layout, if I had the knowledge that I have now, i would converted the lower floor into my clinic space and rented the mezzanine. Unfortunately the epiphany came too late.

I am actually looking at chair space, since my dental chair can double up as my hypnochair.

  • I need a waiting space, a space to keep magazines,
  • Space for group therapy
  • Then there are spaces needed when I have training sessions, both in house or group.

Just investing in space until have regular group therapies or seminars somehow does not make sense. More importantly until I get all these things right investing into a space does not make sense. Sharing a workspace here makes more sense.

In my second clinic, space was an issue I would use the church or community hall. But putting things together is a pain.

Teaming up with alternate health centres’ would be a good idea, but wellness centers or health centers that I have seen have tied up with spas and tourist resorts that is a place where I do not want to go.


one of the many campaigns we run.

Of course co-workspace seems a good idea, the infra-structure is in place so I do not have to run around for a wi-fi connection, printer, scanner.

The events room and coffee maker are in place.

The business address and common office staff, again. There are concerns like that actually put together, people and optimize the available workspace through co-working. Unfortunately  Delhi- Mumbai-Bangalore are the only places they operate in India, else they are present in 4 countries with about 95 co-working spaces



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