caring for your baby’s skin

Image courtesy google.

Image courtesy google.

Keeping the skin soft essentially means keeping it hydrated, free from rashes, scabs, and callus.

This is essential since supple skin means less tendency to tear and adequate body protection.  Before we go into the why and whence forth of it all lets first understand what is skin, what is its function.

The skin is the largest organ in surface area and the heaviest. Its primary function is to protect, regulate body temperature and to perceive sensation.

Presence of calli or rashes indicates the presence of either inflammation or infection. This in turn could lead to the discomfort of the child. if the infection, inflammation or irritation is chronic then it could cause systemic embarrassment that is it could cause problems in the internal health of the child.

The visa-versa is also true internal issues can sometimes causes issues on the skin.

The best way to keep the baby skin healthy is

  • regular oil massage, we used coconut oil treated with tender teak leaves for both my daughters. Followed by warm water bath.
  • Breast feeding at scheduled interval and once the child can take solid then introduction of light locally available food. Packed baby food would require greater water intake.
  • Clothes of natural fibre that allows the child to breathe.
  • Nutritious maternal health. So that the nutrient availability is there.
  • Meticulous care of skin over the joints and between the fingers and toes as they are spots that tend to develop rashes.
  • Cloth or linen diapers are the best as they allow air and keep the tissue dry yet hydrated. It also stimulates the proper functioning of the temperature regulatory system of the body. and they should be changed very regularly.
  • if you are using diapers please check and change diapers by the clock.

Tiny human kids seem to elicit lot of reaction, from being concerned parents; to protective parents sometimes we tend to suffocate the child. tiniest of aberration or rash on the skin takes on mammoth proportions of panic.  Let us look at what is normal and how to keep it so.

Peeling off of the neonatal skin or the skin of the newborn along with loose stools, hiccoughs is quite normal. The extent of the skin peeling depends if the child is pre-term or over due.  This usually does not call for treatment. Though some parents may like to reassure themselves and want to apply something mild unscented moisturizer may be used.

If the flakiness does not clear up on its own then regular massaging would help. Massaging also helps in bonding with the child. this peeling occurs as the child looses the top layer of its skin. Sometimes the skin cracks round the ankles and wrists this is normal and natural and it only indicates that the child is more sensitive to the air, than the fluid that surrounded it in the womb.

The best way to treat the skin peeling is to leave it alone. If it worries the parent too much then maybe mild unscented moisturizer can be used. Some doctors do recommend aqueous creams, while some recommend olive oil. But it is best to avoid oils from nuts for we are not really sure about the allergy factor.

The skin is a protective, regulative and sensory organ that is the largest and heaviest of the human organs. It’s health is best maintained by keeping it hydrated. And it is best hydrated by oil massage, warm water bath and nutrition. In most cases the nutrition component comes from the maternal health. Cotton diapers and clothes contribute to keeping the skin healthy because it allows the tissue to breathe, and absorbs any sweat or grime. Formed.

image courtesy google.

image courtesy google.

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