International Week For Breast Feeding


The first week of August is dedicated to Breast feeding. Sharing a Blog of mine, —“But the overwhelming number of mothers who think they have too little milk have babies who are taking plenty of milk and are gaining weight well. These mothers have based their conclusions on misinformation or a misinterpretation of their babies’ behavior.”
― Kathleen Huggins, The Nursing Mother’s Guide to Weaning


courtsey image WBW courtsey image WBW

Breast feeding

The world breast feeding week (WBW) was in the first week of august.

Yes my blog did not commemorate the event, simply because I realize that ground reality varies.

Most women today are aware of the need to nurse their child. But challenges are many. The woman could be working in the formal, or non-formal or home setting but she should be empowered to claim her and her baby’s right to be breast fed.

In 1993 WBW had a campaign on Mother-Friendly workplace initiative.  There has been viable improvement achieved over the past 22 yrs. There are laws in place and there are women who are not satisfied with the law. There are also women who abuse the law.

The 1990 Innocenti Declaration recognized that breast feeding provides ideal nutrition for the infants and contributes to their health, growth and development. There is much that…

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One thought on “International Week For Breast Feeding

  1. What can be more pure than human milk? Breast feeding was created by God ‘ s design for all mankind .What greater gift can a mother give her child . Breast feeding is such a rewarding , joyful act , a blessing to both mother and child .

    Homoeopathy has a lot to contribute …………

    Alfa Alfa mother tincture is -especially indicated for deficient breast milk. It increases the quality and quantity of milk in nursing mothers .

    Lac Caninum – for Galactorrhoea . Breasts painful as if full of very hard lumps. Loss of milk while nursing

    Lac def. is indicated for diminished secretion of milk

    Article by Dr. Zoya João , Homoeopathic Physician , Public Health Specialist with specialisation in Reproductive and Child Health

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