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image courtesy internet


The familiar feeling of the effort to take in air. It was as if the lung was being pressed down by a great weight. Suhana’s breathing became rapid, pain in the chest was unbearable  the muscles of the neck and chest tightens,  her breathing sounded like her lung was whistling both as she took in air and breathe out. Suhana’s mind prompted,”its called retractions… the tightening of chest.”

Only this time round the familiar triggers of dampness was not there, it was triggered by the advent of her mother-in-law, aiyee as everyone called it was not as if Aiyee was a Lalitha pawar clone but it was her very subtle way of making things stressful. The soft whispering of Aiyee to  Suhana’s husband Ananth,  for example “oh! Your wife didn’t this or the right way to something is the way I do it.”

The coughing had begun when she realized that her Mother-in-law was coming over and it refused to stop. Suhana’s breathing was shallow and rapid. Once her mother-in-law arrived it went into inability to speak, and anxiety and panic.

Have you ever experienced this collapse of your system where the airways narrow and swell and produce extra mucus, breathing is so difficult and triggers cough, wheezing and shortness of breathe. The days when I was suffering from chronic asthma attacks I used to feel so unclean with all the mucus and awful sound that my breathing made. I was adamant I would not succumb to the inhaler. Suhana was at that state where she had to constantly carry the inhaler.

Physiologically the muscles that surround the airways are trigged to tighten, this tightening is the brochospasm. During the attack the lining of the airway becomes swollen or inflamed and the cells lining the airways produce more and thicker mucus than normal.

Treating asthma immediately becomes very important as the severity of the disease escalates rapidly to reach a state called Status Asthmaticus.  Bronchodilators help to make breathing easy salbutamol being a popular one.

If untreated then cyanosis or bluish tinge begins to appear in the nail bed, and around the mouth. This is due to less oxygen.

Asthma if present in the infant stage usually gets under control at puberty this is not a rule but by and large so. But many times it is a chronic condition that requires care.

One experiment we carried out was treating the asthmatic with agnihotra which actually may be irritant, but when we followed the prescribed home, and used the prescribed sahitya  or ingredients in the prescribe quantity  and order what we realized that the fumes carried sublimated alkaloids that were  bronchodilators by nature. These would be inhaled into the pulmonary pathway and act topically and directly to cause bronchodilator. Unfortunately it was not sustainable. And more than one exposure during the day acted a trigger instead of solution.

wowI do not know how many of you have heard about the live fish therapy in Orissa and how found relief from asthma swallowing a live fish in a single gulp..  Many cases asthma is an impression of the dying thought or cause of death in another lifetime when the live fish is swallowed the throat relives the entire physio-pathology of being choked, breathless, but now the body experiences comfort after swallowing so the new message is learnt, that breathing can be easy.

In many cases like Suhana’s asthma was the flight response to authority and the feeling of suffocation.  When we did couple of therapeutic sessions she overcame the tendency to asthma.


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