Protecting the protector– skin care



Skin is one of the largest organs of the body. It defines our space. I shall not go into too much details of the anatomy of the skin. All the same here are some basic functions of the skinskin

Protection – Primary function of the skin is to protect us from trauma and impact. It also forms the first defence against invasion from pollutants and micro-organisms. Tanning is a way that our skin protects us from UV rays. It is also the way our skin activates VitminD3 from its precursor form Vitamin K.

Regulation – through the sweat glands and hair follicle, the skin regulates our body temperature so that we are in harmony with environment. The skin detoxifies the body by throwing out some of the metabolic waste.

Sensation – it is the neurons in the skin that ell us of the various sensations like heat, cold, pain and touch.

Normally the skin stays hydrated due to the sweat. The constant detoxification adds to keeping the skin soft and healthy, because the body is physiologically designed for this. When we feel sweaty and grimy just water splashed takes care of the griminess without nullifying the moisture. Let’s look at what turns the skin dull…

  • Exposure to dust and pollutions.
  • Exposure too much make up
  • Over exposure to sun, it forms a tan that gives the skin a rough wrinkly look and accelerates the aging manifestation.
  • Improper diet, results lack of nutrition to the skin.
  • Improper sleep disturbs the biorhythm causing an impaired repair and rejuvenation cycle.

face washIf I were to speak metaphysically skin represents boundaries, it also represents visibility, and most importantly its fundamental function is protection so it reflects our own sense of security. So blocked sebaceous glands resulting in acne or gits simply means that there is something that is blocking the toxic emotions, or experience from leaving us and this is making us insecure.  It also means that we are not being seen the way we would like to be visible. Or that we feel our personal space is being encroached on.

Oil you face gently, wash with a mild soap or  chickpea powder (besan) take an ice cube and wrap it in a cloth run this round your face.

Once week oil your face with whatever cooking oil used at home.   Working on areas

  • Place your middle and third fingers between your eyebrows and glide them upward and outward as if smoothing away lines and wrinkles
  • Gently apply pressure to the temples this is soothing, and relaxing effect. It also helps to relieve tension and headaches. It make the eyes look less tired
  • Circle the third finger out and around the eyes starting at the inner point of the eyebrows and using a gentle gliding action.
  • Apply acupressure at the beginning of the brow; meddle of the brow, corner of the brow and the outer corner of the yes. This improves lymphatic drainage.
  • Guide the middle finger along the nose line and massage the sides of the nose with the middle fingers in a circular motion to present the appearance of fine lines.
  • Apply pressure to the acupressure points just outside the nostrils. This helps to clear blocked nose and prevents fine lines from appearing around the nose.
  • Using middle and third fingers massage outward in a spiral motion from the chin to below the earlobes, from the corner of the mouth to the ears and from the middle of the nose to the temples.
  • Apply pressure to the acupressure points just below the ear. This stimulates blood and lymph flow to the lower jaw area.
  • Starting from the centre of the chin use the middle finger to massage around the mouth, working upward to smooth out expressions lines and wrinkles.
  • Apply pressure to the acupressure points at the side of the mouth, above the centre of the top lip, the dimple just below the lower lip and of the centre of the chin. This helps to prevent lines forming around the mouth.

viccoOne great face mask that worked for me was ½ turmeric, 1 tbsp. Besan, and 1tbsp. Cream made to a paste and applied on the face, this is rinsed off after half an hour.


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