smokerrsThe 31 st of May was worldwide celebrated as World No Tobacco Day .

Chewing  and smoking tobacco is commonly practiced worldwide .Many get addicted to cigarette smoking .The use of Tobacco , either by chewing or smoking can lead to increased risk of various health hazards.There are more than 4000 harmful chemicals present in tobacco  smoke  like nicotine , tar , formaldehyde , benzene , carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. Due to its high content of nicotine, tobacco becomes addictive .Once a person gets addicted to chewing or smoking tobacco then it is very difficult to give up .The trigger factors are stress , waking up, after a meal , when angry or in the company of certain people e.g. friends, colleagues.The possible cause of cigarette smoking could be if a person is suffering from major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder or panic disorder .

The effects of chewing and smoking tobacco are life threatening .The use of tobacco increases the risk of, cardiovascular  and respiratory diseases and is a leading cause of  lung cancer and oral cancer . In order to  prevent the diseases caused by tobacco , one should stay away from these unhealthy habits. Its never too late to quit smoking and stop tobacco use .

Dealing with tobacco cravings  the homoeopathy  way :

  • The best medicine prescribed is Tabacum  to reduce the craving for tobacco specially in those  who are discontinuing the use of Tobacco .
  • Plantago  especially to produce  disgust or aversion  to  tobacco in habitual tobacco  chewers
  • Caladium  Seguinum – modifies  the craving for tobacco
  • Arsenic  is specially indicated for  ailments from tobacco chewing

Techniques to quit smoking include Behavioral techniques and mental techniques . Behavioural techniques include – awaiting  for an increased amount of time before lighting up , Substituting smoking behavior with eating carrot sticks,eating gum, cereal , exercising. Keep a smoking diary , list 5 reasons why you want to stop smoking, Make a list of all other things you will do when craving a cigarette. Give yourself a positive reward once a day if you do not smoke .

Mental techniques  include emphasis  on focused smoking – while smoking imagine negative consequences  and cognitive rehearsal – rehearse what you will say when offered a cigarette  at a social gathering -……’No thanks I am a non smoker’.

Always remember , there should be no compromise, where health is concerned . After  all , health is wealth ! so free yourself on  this day from tobacco not only  on   world no tobacco day  but everyday . It is said , ‘Self is the only prison that can ever bind a soul’ .


Stop smoking – change your life —-!

Article by Dr. Zoya João, Homoeopathic Psychiatrist , Public Health Specialist , Bainfol , Assolna, Salcete , Goa . 403701. For free counseling – mail me on drzoe1234@gmail.com


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