Spirit Attachment


image courtesy internet

One of the biggest challenges I had learning Hypnotherapy was acceptance of the existence of spirits, like I have said before, it became acceptable only when I could tell myself that these were energies that had nowhere to go. Or the energies that could not have the  ascension experience. To put it more clearly, if we accept that our human experience is a combination of a body, soul and a mind. With death the body perishes, the complex of soul and mind leaves to cross the Bardo, if this energy does not cross the Bardo then we have it floating around looking for release. One could call these are spirits. These are earth bound until they are released. Just as virus and Bacteria invade our physical body, the spirits can invade our energetic body. We then call it an attachment, this could occur in many ways, from recurring negative thoughts to compulsions and addiction. Unfortunately the host mistakes these for their own excesses.  The individual exhibits sub personalities that are not stable, they may even be Bizarre and unsettling. Many times, the existence of these attachments lead to the individual being diagnosed as Dissociative Identity Disorder During a hypnotherapy session’s spirits get discovered without going on a search for them. But it is also true that unless the spirit is ready to leave it will not manifest. How Does The Attachment Occur? Our body has a protective aura field; if this field weakens then the spirit can enter the aura space. This could happen if—

  • There is a tremendously lonely child
  • A sick child
  • Parents with attachments
  • An physical intercourse,
  • Drug and alcohol abuse.

These are just to name a few. It is possible for these spirits to released and the procedure is very simple through hypnotherapy

  • Discovering the attachment this usually happens during the course of addressing some issue.
  • Having a conversation with the attachment
  • Letting the attachment know that it has better place to be.

Interestingly Dr.Tanya Shah of Lahore I do not remember the university name, presented a paper on the Kalasaaya in 2001 at The international conference of religious studies in Bangkok, she had photographs of the Kaala-saaya and how they turned white on chanting the prescribed prayers for 15 days.



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