Knowing your Kidneys.


kdineysWorld Kidney awareness day,

Kidney removes the waste from our bold and produces urine. It is present in our abdomen as a pair on either side of the midline.  The kidney is made up of numerous microfilters called the nephrons. These filter chemicals, unneeded water other waste   it also helps t control the blood pressure and regulates the formation of red blood cells.

The well being of the kidney plays a great role in our overall well being. It is like a 24 hour cleansing system.

The kidney is about 150 gms each and is bean shaped.  It is located right under the rib cage or above the small of our back, and is on either side of the spine. These are protected by muscles and large padding of fat.

Function of the kidney,

Kidneys are one of the marvels of nature. Each hour the blood circulates through the kidneys and about 12 times. And about 200 litters of blood gets processed each day, eliminating about 1-2 litters of waste through urine. Primarily the kidney plays a role in production and regulation of hormones and enzymes that help to

  • Control blood pressure
  • Make red blood cells
  • Maintain strong and healthy bones.

This keeps the body healthy. Anatomically the kidney is made up of million hairpins like glomeruli at birth, but we lose about 100.000 of these every decade of life.  Droplets of filtered blood pass through a number of tubules into the medulla a central collecting region. The glomeruli and tubules together make up nephrons long and extremely fine tubes which if connected could run for 80 kms.

The renal vein returns the clean blood to the body. Waste and extra water removed by kidney passes through a tube called the urethra to the bladder. Where it is stored as urine when the urine is full it signals to the spinal cord which in turn tells the brain and the urine passes out of the body through another tube called the urethra.

The process of waste and excess water removal can simply be summed up as follows

  • Food and drink enters the stomach and are broken down to nutrients.
  • Solid waste products are removed and nutrients enter the blood stream
  • Nutrients are used by the body for energy, growth, repair and maintenance of body functions.
  • This process creates waste which is removed by the kidneys.
  • Extra nutrients not immediately needed by the body are also removed by the kidneys.
  • Waste products and extra water moved from the kidneys to the bladder then leave the body as urine.

Some Basic Stuff To Keep The Kidneys Healthy.

Water intake is of course the key to good renal health. 2-3 litters are a must unless the kidneys are already compromised.

First we need to keep our blood pressure at regulated target, 120/80 mmHg is the textbook standard.  This regulation helps to maintain the kidney function.

Low sodium diet is a good idea, but no sodium is not. The aim should be to lose less than 2.300 milligrams of sodium/day.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low dairy foods are good.

Alcohol intake should be limited.

Weight should be regulated. This is best done in consultation with an Ayurveda physician

If you smoke, quitting is definitely beneficial

People with diabetes need to keep their blood glucose level regulated so that the load on the kidney’s are less.

Cholesterol levels also need to be maintained.

 121th March is the world Kidney awareness day.


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