A Minister for Yoga,


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We now have an AYUSH ministry.

It seems to draw a lot of flack. Asia Pacific called the minister in charge as the minister for Yoga.  Of course the “Intelligentsia” the post residents of urban India find that embarrassing whatever. 

The excerpt from Asia-Pacific is as follows “The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appointed a yoga minister in a major revamp of his government after storming to power in May in a bid to promote the ancient practise.”  The article goes ahead focusing on Yoga, which is of course therapeutic it also sends a message of something being outdated.  But the focus of AYUSH is not just yoga, yoga is part of it, the focus of AYUSH is

 Ayurveda-Yoga-Unani- Siddha- Homeopathy.

Of course naturopathy is also part of it. The article also presents itself as right-wing venture.  But all of you who call yourself intelligent-educated-secular-progressive think beyond what Asia-Pacific…

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