World cancer awareness day.


world cancer dayNovember 7th is the world cancer awareness day. Dr.Zoya Joao shares her Knowledge and experience in handling Cancer patients through Homeopathy.

It is said that  you cannot throw a brick without it landing on someone who has either had cancer or knows someone who has  cancer. The word  cancer- the emperor of all maladies  is heard  about everywhere these days .It is caused when cells multiply  well beyond control.

The cells in our body  are replaced by an orderly process of growth – the old dying cells are replaced  by new healthy cells. But when cancer strikes  there is  a mutation in the genes that are responsible for regulating the growth of cells  and keeping them healthy . The abnormal cells then divide  uncontrollably producing more and more cells , resulting in a cancerous mass . One is either  born with a cancer causing genetic mutation  or the mutation can be triggered  in the body by inflammation , hormones, certain viral infections, environmental  influences such as harmful chemicals. Nothing can be done   about  Genetic mutations   but controlling our lifestyle is in our hands as cancer is a life style related  disease .So lets focus on the preventive aspect .Here are a few ways to naturally safe guard  your family  from this dreaded disease .

Consuming – turmeric  as it contains  the compound cucurmin  which causes tumour cell apoptosis  Also drinking tea  but only 2 % is absorbed .

Stop consuming  tobacco in all forms.

Consuming fresh   fruits  and vegetables

Exercise regularly .

Prevent weight gain

Drink plenty of water

So  friends  being well informed  can help you prevent  yourself  from cancer with great success

November is Men’s Health month too   so we focus on Prostate  Cancer . Usually  prostate cancer affects men above 60  but it can affect men in their  50’s too , and rarely  those between  40 and 50 . It is a  slow growing tumour  , but sometimes it can be very aggressive.

Patients present with Lower Urinary Tract  Symptoms  – increased frequency of micturition, urgency , pain , incomplete voiding .

For the diagnosis , PSA test along with an MRI  and biopsy are helpful .

Specific Homoeopathic remedies indicated  for protate cancer  are  :Cistus  Canadensis  ,Kreosote

Dr. Zoya João , Public Health Specialist  and Homoeopathic Physician, Bainfol, Assolna, Salcete Goa- 403701 .


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