International stuttering awareness day


stutterYesterday was The World stuttering awareness day.

This blog should have come yesterday, I stuttered.

What is stuttering? Well it to talk with continued involuntary repetition of sounds especially initially consonants.


Research to find the underlying cause is still on, though combinations of factors are found.

  • Abnormalities in speech motor control where sensory and motor coordination’s are implicated.
  • Familial – stuttering seems to be genetic this could be due to inherited abnormalities in language centres.
  • Medical conditions like brain injuries or stroke can result in stuttering.
  • In every few cases emotional trauma can be the cause too.

About 5% of children do exhibit stuttering during their childhood, this could last from several weeks, to several years. This is the developmental stuttering and is the most common. By and large stuttering is commoner in boys than girls.

The fall out of stuttering could be

  • Frustration when trying to communicate,
  • Pausing or hesitating when starting or during sentences and phrases often the lips tend to seal.
  • Using clutch sounds like “uh” etc.
  • Repeating phonetic consonants.
  • Stretching words.

Some kids do try to camouflage their stutter with eye blinking, jerking of the head, tapping of the fingers or jaw jerking.

Not all children who stutter require treatment. Since with many children it is a developmental issue it gets resolved with time. However if the stutter lingers for a longer time then speech therapy may be required.  The decision to go to a therapist is usually made when—

  • The stutter has lasted for 3-6 months. Or the stutter is pronounced.
  • The struggle with the stutter is causing emotional issues
  • A family history of stutter.

However the first step can begin with reading aloud, a slow pace and stressing the syllable. But for long-term treatment it is best to approach a therapist.


6 thoughts on “International stuttering awareness day

  1. I really love your blog, and would love to feature you on mine and introduce my readers to you! Would you be interested in guest posting on my site? I admire what you have to say about stuttering and also International Stuttering Awareness Day, and think we could build some really interesting conversation. Let me know if you have any questions!


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