World blindness day..

Dr.Srinivasa Rao P.N.

Dr.Srinivasa Rao P.N.

“I don’t think it had ever occurred to me that man’s supremacy is not primarily due to his brain, as most of the books would have one think. It is due to the brain’s capacity to make use of the information conveyed to it by a narrow band of visible light rays. His civilization, all that he had achieved or might achieve, hung upon his ability to perceive that range of vibrations from red to violet. Without that, he was lost.”

― John WyndhamThe Day of the Triffids

Today is the international world blindness day, one site actually said Lions club “celebrates world blindness day” I am a little confused here, what is the celebration about….

Yes we do talk about overcoming the challenges of lack of sight yes, then it something to acknowledge.

My father was an ophthalmologist , the person who started the department of Ophthalmology in Manipal.I can proudly say one of the best in the country.  to the day I have people blessing me, because he gave them sight. He would conduct eye camps, supported by the Operation Eyesight International, But more importantly he counselled families to deal with blindness when it was not rectifiable.

There was one thing he always told, the blind do not need your pity, or help. What they need is acceptance and of course making their life easier with minor modification.  Very small things that we don’t realize puts a hurdle in the visually challenged.

Like the traffic lights, they are lights, and a visually challenged person has to depend on some one to tell them that the lights are changed. At the lifts, though the floor is announced, the floor numbers of the punching buttons are not.  These minor day to day challenges makes them dependent.

Here I would like to acknowledged, Dr.Mahlinga Bhat and his wife Lakshmi, their son did have issues with vision. But they let him lead an absolutely normal life, he cycles, he travels, he lives a normal bachelor life at Hyderabad independent. I have never heard either of them even refer to the challenge they had to face.

maybe this world blindness day we could just put in our two bit so see if could make our towns and buildings a bit people friendly.


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