Safe blood to save the mother,


blood donationEvery year 14th June is commemorated as the World blood donor day. The global event was held at Colombo this year.

The focus of this year’s blood donation is “Safe blood to save mothers.” The campaign aims to increase awareness on how timely access to safe blood and blood products is an essential part of comprehensive approach to prevent maternal deaths. WHO encourages all countries, and international partners working on blood transfusion and maternal health to highlight this need.

This is achievable, through commemorative events, meetings, publications, dissemination of relevant stories and experiences through media outlet, scientific conferences etc.  About 800 women die due to profuse post-partum bleeding worldwide. The awareness is to reduce this risk.

The objectives of the year’s global campaign

  • Health ministries of countries with high maternal mortality to take concrete steps to make blood and blood products from voluntary donors accessible in health care facilities.
  •  Conducting these awareness programs in partnership with maternal health care program.
  • Early pregnancy patient education to create this awareness.

Public health awareness camp gains would include one to one counselling, media coverage of the enormity of maternal mortality due to bleeding and non-availability of safe blood and blood products. Creating a database of voluntary donors.

The blood donation policy in India


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