Oral hygiene inputs from Ayurveda.


“Call me a nature nut. I love nature. I like to walk in nature, I use natural remedies, and I practice natural medicine as a naturopathic doctor in Los Angeles. – Willow McQuade, ND star of Death Drops: A Natural Remedies Mystery.”
― Chrystle Fiedler, Death Drops


Oral hygiene is an important or rather essential aspect of general health. The oral cavity being an open moist area, it is prone to infection both from external and internal sources.

The innermost third of the oral cavity forms the first level of the throat. (This is a general description) the ear, nose and mouth open into it so it essentially behaves like a large pool; this makes it a convenient location for infection to breed.

Major oral problems are cavities, gum diseases, oral cancer, infections (things like Herpes,) injuries and some hereditary lesions.

The outcome of poor oral hygiene.

  • High sugar levels in the diet can lead to dental caries.
  • Smoking can lead to periodontal disease  and contribute to oral cancer
  • Systemic disorders like diabetes can aggravate caries
  • Chronic unattended caries can lead to systemic disease.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy, menstruation can cause a change in the oral flora…

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