A hair in the head is worth two in the brush. ~Oliver Herford


Right as a teenager, I had this issue of feeling things crawl on my skin; this would be followed by terrible itching and rashes. My back and forehead were particularly susceptible. After the burns it has turned worse.

I remember visiting the skin department at KMC Manipal and the doctor diagnosing Trichoptilosis

Trichoptilosis   has its origin in Greek.

Tricho= hair

Ptilosis== arrangement of feathers.

Together it describes fraying or splitting of the hair shaft due stress.

Hair splits when it becomes dry or damaged and the only way to get rid of this is to get the hair trimmed. But preventive care can be done.

One needs to find out if the hair is split only in the end or has multiple splits on the length of the same strand. Trimming the split ends is a good idea

  • The trimming should be done at least an inch above the…

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