Living with CFS


cfs… continued from last post.

PAIN in the muscles and joints is another issue with CFS. There is typical pressure  headache, soreness of skin when touched. Some physicians do prescribe relievers and counselling for pain management maybe a good idea for patients with CFS.  The various pain management therapies include massage movement, toning, hydrotherapy and relaxation techniques. Many patients have had relief with qualified acupuncture practitioners.  Pain relievers are short-term answers.

Loss of Memory And Concentration is another major concern for the CFS patient. Again, relaxation techniques, guided meditation, memory aids like organizers, scheduler are very helpful in dealing with these. Stimulating the mind with puzzles, word games and other activities benefits a lot of patients. Though mild medication is known to help it better to avoid it.

Dealing with constant fatigue causes Depression And Anxiety issue. This depression needs to treated. anxiety management is needed but it does not cure CFS. Of course physicians do refer to a psychiatrist to rule out  other possibilities causing depression.

Adjunct therapies like guided meditation, relaxation techniques, tai chi, yoga tend to help a lot.

Sometimes people suffering from CFS tend to have symptoms like orthostatic instability. The person feels Dizzy Frequently And Light Headed. Physicians could refer the patient to cardiologist, or neurologist to rule out system disorder. The diagnosis is confirmed and then on evaluating the results therapeutic options are explored.  The first step would increase fluid and salt intake.

cognitive Behaviour Therapy is known to help CFS patient feel less tired it helps people change their way of thinking so that they can cope more successfully with their fatigue and other symptoms. Though it is not easy to keep a good attitude the mind and body connect and influence each other.  Learning to cope with the symptoms, availing support of health care personal, family and friends go a long way in dealing with this cycle.

Though medication may be prescribed to address the various symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome there is no known conventional treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome which is why many people seek Complimentary And Alternate Treatments. This should be done with the guidance of  trained healers and not-self experimental.

Vitamins and other Nutritional And Herbal Supplements are frequently used by people with CFS. They have been few clinical trails on nutritional supplements , patients have reported symptom relief despite the product being unregulated, and information of potency and side effects are frequently unknown.

Treatment for chronic fatigue symptoms is to make the person feel better and allow him/her to have as normal a life as possible. Though There Is No Cure For CFS, Many Of Its Symptoms Respond To Treatment.


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