Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


cfsLiving with chronic fatigue syndrome is just like living with any chronic debilitating disease. This has an impact on the patients daily life. Some common challenges being—

  • The changing and unpredictability of symptoms
  • Reduced stamina and energy levels that makes dealing with daily activities difficult.
  • Memory and concentration problems that seriously hurts work or school or performance.
  • Loss of independence, livelihood and economic security

CFS tends create feelings of anger, guilt, anxiety, isolation and abandonment  this if unresolved can cause emotional stress making symptoms worse and recovery harder.

Managing CFS

Managing CFS  begins with dealing with the most disruptive symptoms first. Like

Fatigue Due To Sleep Problems.  Most CFS patients exhibit sleep dysfunction. This could manifest as difficulty in falling asleep, over extreme sleepiness (hypersomnia) frequent awakening, vivid dreaming, restless legs and night-time muscular spasm (nocturnal myoclonus) the constant patient present is not feeling refreshed despite sleeping. Though doctors can help in developing regular sleep habits, the sleep hygiene* can be achieved by following techniques—

  • Establishing a regular bedtime routine.
  • Avoiding daytime napping
  • Give an extended wind-down period.
  • Use the bed and bedroom only for sleep and sex.
  • Control noise,light and temperature.
  • Refrain using caffeine, alcohol and tobacco at least an hour before bed time.
  • Regular light exercise* might be useful.

When sleep is elusive despite these  therapies then alternates can be explored*. Physicians are known to sometimes temporarily opt for medications. Unrefreshed sleep maybe an issue despite medication.

* done at Dhatri Clinic Goa.


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