Fact sheet– aging soceity.


aging society 1Facts about aging society.

The world population of people over 60 yrs. Will double from 11% to 12% between 2000 and 2050.

This increase is faster in low and middle-income countries like china and Brazil.  Even in the poor countries senior citizens die more of NCD—non communicable disease than epidemic outbursts.

On an average woman live 6-8 yrs longer than men.

Our aging process depends on what we eat, our exercise routine, consumption of toxics. The body develops to an optimum till a certain age and eventually tires out, after which the process of degeneration begins.

With the demands of contemporary life and increased longevity the seniors face the risk of

  • Some form or other of maltreatment at home.
  • Abusive acts like physical restrain.
  • Indignity of being left in soiled clothes if they are not mobile
  • Insufficient care
  • Physical and psychological injuries.

With age comes increase in fragility and decrease in mobility. This brings about a need for long-term care, community assisted care and many times prolonged stay in hospitals, or residential care.

There is also an increase in disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Often families do not have funds or other resources to support and help with care at home. Natural calamities and emergencies render the senior citizen more vulnerable since they need assistance to be mobile.

As a community we should be looking seniors as valuable resources in community leadership and knowledge bank. The community will have to create spaces and activities that would be inclusive and would allow the senior citizen live and contribute with dignity.


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