Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


cfs“There is, in the Army, a little known but very important activity appropriately called Fatigue. Fatigue, in the Army, is the very necessary cleaning and repairing of the aftermath of living. Any man who has ever owned a gun has known Fatigue, when, after fifteen minutes in the woods and perhaps three shots at an elusive squirrel, he has gone home to spend three-quarters of an hour cleaning up his piece so that it will be ready next time he goes to the woods. Any woman who has ever cooked a luscious meal and ladled it out in plates upon the table has known Fatigue, when, after the glorious meal is eaten, she repairs to the kitchen to wash the congealed gravy from the plates and the slick grease from the cooking pots so they will be ready to be used this evening, dirtied, and so washed again. It is the knowledge of the unendingness and of the repetitious uselessness, the do it up so it can be done again, that makes Fatigue fatigue.” 
― James JonesFrom Here to Eternity

Women between 30 -50 years are known to suffer from tiredness, that does not go away even with a good night’s sleep, neither is it explained by other medical conditions. This severe and continuous.  By eliminating all other causes one arrives at this less acknowledged disorder called Chronic Fatigue Disorder (CFD)  an autoimmune disorder.

The cause of this is unknown though a host of possibilities are proposed.  Human Herpes Virus—6, inflammation of the nervous system. Age, previous illness, stress genetic environmental factors.

The individual suffers from severe fatigue, muscle pain, impaired memory insomnia, decreased ability to concentrate, post exertion malaise that last for more than 24hrs. Some cases lymph nodes under the armpit or neck can be felt. Recurring dry sore throat, altered patterns of headache are all associated symptoms,

Diagnosis is made on elimination of other issues, low blood pressure, nutritional deficiency, are quite often present with an altered hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis.  The individuals may present additional symptoms of abdominal pain, alcohol intolerance, jaw ache, morning stiffness, bloating, nausea, and diarrhoea shortness of breath, dry eyes and mouth, earache, irregular heart beat. Hyper sensation, weight loss. Most important manifestation is are the psychological ones of irritation, panic attacks, depression

As sometime s there is episodes of night sweating there is a tendency to misdiagnosed this as a pre-menopausal condition.

This is Chronic Fatigue Awareness week.



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