bathingBathin’ bricht.

In https://corporatehealthtrainer.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/whats-th-min/ dealt with part two of the challenge what’s the smell boss,

But part one is more important.

The bath, ever thought of it, the bath I don’t mean the noun or destination like the Turkish bath’s or the baths from Barbara Cartland I am talking about the abhyanjana, or the bath.

The early morning ritual bath, the hot water bath what actually does this do. There are different activities, or energy utilizations, conversions happening within our bodies these collectively kind of explain the term Agni used in ayurveda. One such activity is what happens on the skin.

Our knowledge of physics lets us appreciate that when heat is applied there is an expansion of surface. Or loosing of matter.

Massaging with oil, helps us to release tissue stress, if there are any trapped toxins they are channelized towards the sweat duct for expulsion.  The external pollutants and dead cells get dislodged. When washed off with hot water the pores get dilated and these tissue toxins get expelled out. The exterior of the skin becomes more porous allowing localized tissue diffusion of nutrients and oxygen making the skin healthier and giving that glow as its improves peripheral circulation.  This is one reason why postpartum care includes hot water bath.

Ayurveda also suggests seasonal fragrances like, sandalwood, lotus, and jasmine during autumn and   summer. Though I prefer the lavender fragrance. The direct effect of hot water bath

  • Pain relief
  • Detoxification.
  • Debridement of dead tissue
  • Strengthening of muscle and firming of tissue, it is a medhahari or reduces flab.

bath tubA hot shower in the morning is a great way to channelize your energy.

  1. Set the shower to required temperature.
  2. Let yourself under the shower for about 5 minutes, ensuring the entire body surface is wet.
  3. Wet a bath mitten pour the bath gel and rub your body with small circular movements working from feet up.
  4. Run the shower to wash off the lather, working the lather downwards.
  5. Turn the hot water off, and stay under the shower till the water turns cold.
  6. Pat yourself dry, rub in moisturizer   and you are set for the day.


5 steps to cleansing the body to relax.

  1. If you are using a bath, then fill it with warm water, but do not make it too hot as this could increase your heart beat and make it difficult for you to sleep. You could add some crystals or mineral salts that will add to feeling of being in a spa
  2. Lie in the warm water immersing as much of your body as possible, close your eyes, or put on eyes pads and relax for at least ten minutes.
  3. Using bath mittens concentrate on washing your body from top to toe, working from the feet upward. Pour a little body shampoo on the mitten for a deep cleansing treatment. Use gentle circular movements and take time to focus on pampering yourself in your own private sanctuary.
  4. Soak for another ten minutes adding more warm water if necessary and meanwhile work on the acupressure points on the soles of the feel, and lower legs.
  5. Rinse off excessive lather and dry yourself thorough with a warm towel. Massage a non-greasy body lotion all over the body. Have a good night’s sleep.

recoldWhen you think of it, hot water is like your own private elixir delivered in your own personal sanctuary.



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