The reservoir of Peace.


The reservoir of Peace.

off  late with practising the lessons learnt from Landmark Curriculum for living along with constant self healing practises like hypnosis, I noticed the world seems a bit more peaceful. Bit more in order.

It then dawned on me that peace came from within—i cannot bring to the world what I do not have to offer.  I would look at the outside world; find a state of chaos, disorder. And feel compelled to get aggressive to bring what my concept of peace and harmony was. I would then be disappointed that my attempts failed.  But I as I realized that I was not at peace with myself, disharmony and aggression would manifest around me

It then occurred to me, that peace started within me, and peace within me came about when I weeded out the weeds. That happened only when I did a check of my own relation with peace. My relationship with peace was very conflicted on one side I wanted peace, but my inner belief was conflict was essential for growth. I had equated peace with stillness, non-growth, and a state of stagnation.

Once I experience the peace, it was a nest, the earthing that anchored me from there I found my creativity could soar without fear. My logic and reasoning were independent of my personal pettiness. Not that I have attained Buddha-hood, but I do know when that bit of reverse current or causes a turmoil in my peace capsizing my growth.

Interestingly what I realized that people who manifest peace internally were not really different from me, they have the chattering thoughts and troubled emotions like me, the difference was they did not lend their energy to it, so the thoughts and feelings simply rose and fell away like the oceanic waves, without disturbing the deep calm waters within.

Once i released that I could choose how to distribute my energy and with practise came more serenity the vibrations of conflict have begun to replace the vibration of peace.  The surface disturbance does not threaten my internal peace. I am able to dive into the stillness and choose to respond to the surface disturbance.

The process though requires tremendous effort on my part still, someday I hope to make it my natural state.


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