Whats th’ min’?


smell and memoryDealing with smelly people. Make a fresh start with a hot water bath each day. So next time you meet a smelly person ask the person,”whats the smell boss.”—with this Racold—Indiblogger team is actually talking about two major questions with two sub-question each.

Let’s talk about dealing with smelly people,

Have you ever wondered why people smell? I remember my grandfather Parameshwar Rao, he would return from working in the fields, there was an earthy odor that surrounded him, he would have definitely sweated a lot, but what lingered around him was only a faint whiff of soil, this is because sweat is sterile and odorless the stench arises from the bacteria that grows on a sweaty medium, but men of that generation were comfortable with their bodies, so they worked outdoors with only a lungi on!! The wind dried the sweat taking away the moisture needed for bacterial growth and the sunlight rendered any potential sterile.

Someone smelling does not really mean that the person is unclean there is so much more to odor,

To quote my Physiology teacher Dr.P.L.Rao the magic of smell is grossly underplayed. It is very vital to our every day existence; it is the sense of smell that gives us our security alerts. It is the smell that gives the first hint of trouble, or rather the loss of smell.

Have you entered a building when its inhabitants are moving out, what is left behind is a stale odor, of sweat, maybe stagnant water, a kind of sewage-kind of mustiness, to me this is both the sad and the hopeful aspect of life, sadness of a goodbye and anticipation of new life with new fragrances, well that not we are talking about, neither are we talking about the physiology of smell,.. The Smellisande’s are what were are dealing with.

So why do people smell…? This is my opening question when I take seminars on Oral and Personal hygiene.

The answer that I always get is … because someone has not had bath, or someone is unclean.

Well that is not wrong but that is not right either.

Do you know unwashed clothes, or even if you have walked through a strong smell that smell lingers on your clothes, hair, skin. So now what?

The much maligned sweat is very very essential, it has a defense function in the human physiology

  • It keeps the body temperature down.
  • It helps to flush out toxins.
  • It has the lingering odors of the sexual hormones that send out mating signals.

Sweat is odorless in its emitted state, and most of any hint of odor, is dissipated in the atmosphere. What does cause the odour is the subsequent bacterial growth. The tendency from the sweat stench is greater when people wear synthetics.  This is because the protein rich, moist sweaty area is conducive for bacterial growth and proliferation, sunlight the natural inhibitor of bacterial colonies is screened out by the clothing.

During growth, the body creates hormones, these gets expelled from the body through sweat unfortunately socially we have learnt to associate this with unclean bodies, but this is the way to the body signalling the readiness of the Male to mate.

Another very strong causative of body odor, is the food eaten, food with strong odors, particularly garlic, jack-fruit, mango tends to expel excessive toxin through sweat, this causes a body odor.

There is a classical fish odor, that emerges from Hepatic or liver being compromised like a mousey odor is emitted from the hair due to fungal proliferation in the scalp.

There are women who emit menstrual odor both from their breath, and body.

With body odor having so many source of origin, how would say … buddy whats the smell?

recoldIn fact many times executives ask me, “Madam how do you tell someone, that they have halitosis or bad body odor?” maybe I should advocate being subtle, or tell them diplomatic ways, but I usually suggest that take the person for a private talk and be honest, of course sandwich the information with an introductory appreciation, and conclude it with offer of help.

On a personal note, cold shower in the morning, hot shower in the night, abstinence from strong odor food and wearing natural fabric is the best way. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.



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