Goal setting.


goal settingGoal setting

Be it landmark education forum, be it louise hay every one talks of goal setting. That is one place where I have for ever been foxed.

Creating goals made me feel very empowered, but then I would get so attached to them, that in case I did not achieve them I would feel cheated, it was an internal dialogue that said oh! You are not cable of achieving. Worse still I would hear it in whatever anyone said.

Then there was the great background score of my mother’s voice telling me “You are not as good as your cousin, forget being as good as her you are not enough eligible to clean her crap!! ” the words used to be said with such conviction so often that I have landed up believing it.

Another great refrain was criticism is for your benefit, if you are acknowledged or praised for an achievement that will make you arrogant and complacent , more important the world ridicule you, but its your family and well-wisher who criticize and take you task for they have only your good in mind.

The first stage of goal setting for me was healing these two surgeries performed on me.  That’s when I did healing the inner child. After which when worked goal setting it has been wonderful. Let me share a simple technique that I learnt in Shakti Gawain workshop.

Write down categories one on each sheet.

  1. Personal growth/education.
  2. Work/career
  3. Creative expressions
  4. Money
  5. Lifestyle/possessions
  6. Leisure/travel.

When this is done she made us add in world situation/environment. In a fresh sheet write out the 12 most important ones, put down the 12 in the frame-work of my goals to be achieved in 5yrs, now do the same but for 1yr.

It is a great idea to put this down in a notebook I mean the one year one. and carry around with you. Some ground rules however do exist.

  • The short-term goals have to realistic and achievable
  • Every achievement has to be acknowledged.
  • You make not achieve some goals, you may outgrow or drift from some that is okay.

It is just that when we have jotted down it becomes defined and not nebulous. Somewhere we are acknowledging our dreams, and accepting that we are important enough to have our dreams fulfilled.



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