Clearing Blocks.


closureI had reached the bottom line of my patience, with a patient of mine; I shall call her Sunita for want of another name.  She had terrible stress symptoms, with the jaw bone attrition, sleep disturbance, she would walk into a room and negativity would spill.

So long side with dental treatment we put her on counselling and life coaching each week for three months she would pour out her sob story so much so one of our colleagues used to say she enjoys the entire drama.  When we could request her to keep a journal she would not, morning pages no.

Out of sheer frustration I laid out the fable cards, fable cards are very similar to Tarot cards except that they focused on healing and are not predictive.  When we laid out the cards, what emerged was Promises…

So I told her”sunitha, there are some promises in your life that are not meet, and some that you have not honoured, these are not letting you move one.”

We told her list the promises made to you, free the people from them. And as for promises that she made we told her honour what you can what you cannot honour acknowledge the failure, re-promise or apologise.  My colleague (Dr.Archana who writes for the web) was very sceptic that we could crack things.

Suddenly at 3pm she calls me up and says,”doc, I have 16 pages written, can I come and see you tomorrow,?” well a week is week so we told her to stick to the week and guess what when she turned up for the weekly she has done morning pages she has acknowledged that she needs to resolve issues with both her mother and her daughter. It was like massive roadblocks being cleared.

These blocks tend to be in patterns, quite repetitive. One very simple way to deal with this is:

  • Just write down I cannot have this … that is whatever you are not having because of… this, which is whatever the obstacle you think is.
  • Once you have exhausted your list, get specific.
  • List all the traits in you that you think is obstructing your path, you will see a pattern. Please do this with a life coach or some back up because this can bring about lot of memories and emotions.
  • Create healing affirmations,
  • Give the attitude list a decent burial.

With Sunita since promises were the issue, we asked her to list broken promises to her, and by her after which we worked the closure. The issue could be different may be hurt, wrongs, whatever the principle of healing is the same.

One other thing that worked very rapidly for me, is affirmation, the affirmation should be done in first person, second person and third person. Now this really helps to identify and release the block.



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