Conversation Journal


journalingOne tool that helped me sort myself towards healing is what I call my Conversation Document. People have called this dairy, journal, or creative visualization book whatever. I started this after I read the book conversation with God. I picked up a five subject notebook. Initially it was a complaint book, but then I realized that complaining was only re-enforcing the negative, so I decided to put in things like

Inspiring thoughts


The Thank God list – for the good things in life, appreciating small things that happen.

Outflow—in the sense how can I contribute to the society. Money, love, affection, knowledge sharing etc.

Success list what do you think you have achieved so far.

Self esteem list – things that make me feel good about me. This is not about ego. I feel good after cleaning up the house and working in my terrace garden.

People in my life who need healing and affirmation

Finally a fantasy list—anything that I look forward to happening in the future. It could be silly ambitious anything but I began putting it down. Many of the farfetched things I had asked for myself have worked.




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