Affirmation is a positive assertion.

Ever listened to a conversation with yourself there is so much we keep brooding about what is not happening not really bothering to acknowledge what is happening or being  thankful for the good things in life. We then land up reinforcing them.

Instead if we could declare to ourselves a positive reality and keep reminding ourselves of it the outcome would be different. I am not saying magical, and cure-all but definitely more in harmony with out inner selves.

Somewhere affirmations are our mental vitamins, providing the supplementary positive thoughts we need to balance the barrage of negative events and thought that we experience daily. And there is no affirmation without the one who affirms. In the sense everything to which you grant your love is yours.

People have different ways of affirming,

  • Orally loudly or silently particularly when the negative dog starts barking in our brain.
  • Looking at the mirror and using your reflection to affirm to yourself…I have still not been able to do this.
  • Record and listen to it, this has to be done in first person second person and third person eg.

o   I am a patient, creative person.

o   Paro you are amazingly patient and creative

o   Paro is an amazingly patient and creative person.

  • Another way is writing.. each day maybe a page full if these affirmations should work they should be done at least for twenty-one days.
  • Writing it out and pasting it where it is visible is another option.
  • With a session of fable tarot card here’s what i did and it worked. It was a group affirmation.

o   People worked in group at the session and during the week with buddies.

o   Getting friends to informally acknowledged—eg. Hey you are certainly speaking out and expressing yourself clearly.

o   Begin using affirmation about yourself and others in routine conversations.

o   This technique does not work unless the belief is intrinsic. Otherwise the mind perceives it as contradiction or pressure.

  • Chanting the affirmation by creating a small ditty or poem.  To be honest I have not tried this.

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