Risk a little.


riskIf I did not have to do something perfectly what would I do now that is a very interesting question.

Last week a student from MES college was worried that the demand of the jobs of BBA did not balance with this personal beliefs and goals, he was wondering aloud that maybe he should venture into something he really believed in. my first instinct was, wait, take a job when you have the financial security you can experiment and when you are comfortable enough let go.

But sometimes we should listen to the divine calling. I mean look at Yogita and Karan two Mumbaikars, totally brought up in the city, came down to Goa and started agriculture because that was what they believed in.

We compare ourselves to star wars right when we begin without looking at the people who are at our level. Sometimes I think we except a full born adult to be born and not take baby steps.  We are so tuned to learn everything and then excite.

That’s where risk taking kicks in, I mean how about working with what you know and pick up things along the way?  As Agnes De Millie puts it, living is a form of not being sabre, not knowing what next or how, the moment you know how, you begin to die a little. The artist is never entirely knows, we guess we maybe wrong, but we take a leap, a leap in the dark.

The fear is there, the fear of appearing a fool, failing, we cannot escape fear, and we can transform it into a companion. That accompanies us on an exciting adventure.

To quote Susan Jeffer “Take a risk—one small or bold stroke that will make you feel great once you have done it.” after all the death rate for people who play safe and those who take risks is the same.

I shall risk ridicule and draw that portrait. J


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