lend me your ears


listeningHave you read the book, ”Conversations With God?”  That book in retrospect is about listening.

Sometimes I think we a have a strange relationship with listening, even as we listen to someone we are waiting for the break to speak.

Even as someone says, “Listen to me,” we don’t hear it I have information to share, or I need help, it’s as if somewhere we are being commanded and if we listen we are bound to obey. We react like it is a declaration of power.

Life happens, if we do not get down and live it, it still happens with a whole lot of turbulence but if we get down, we get life, it’s wonderful.  The rules of this  fulfilment is very simple, we need to take  a dictation, follow it, and sit back, who do we take dictation from… well from Neshamah… are you wondering who that is?

Well Neshamah is from esoteric Judaism of the Cabala, it is the deep self that arises from the root word Shmhm that is hear or listen.  The Neshamah inspires and guides.

Actually listening is a form of acceptance so if we awaken the Neshamah its self awakening.

In Kannada we have a saying that goes,”sankata bandaaga venkatarama,” that is when in trouble turn to God, but why because God is God, because he is God he is worthy of my trust and obedience, yet I will not listen to Neshamah, which is but call it God/Universe whatever‘s voice.

Coming to think of it, it is not hard to understand a person, it is only hard to listen without bias, particularly when the person is I Me I…

We have to have faith in Neshamah, which is our inner soul, we take its advice, and we can externalize this and call it superior power, Universe, higher strength, God this way is a less worried way to live life. Not hoping to get to heaven as a reward for our actions, but inevitably wanting to act in a certain way because the first gleam of Heaven is already inside us.


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