Finding your mentor.


buddhaFinding your mentor.

One of the evenings at the Avadoot Ashram at Kurukshetra general conversation was going on, somewhere the topic drifted to how Guruji went in search of his Guru who was rather reluctant to accept him initially.

Many spiritual leaders have this story to share.

I do not know how many of us have had the synchronicity of wanting to know something, or just beginning to work on something and we find just that book that we want or someone doles out just that information we need.

The conversation then drifted about finding the Guru, that’s when Guruji made an interesting statement, that actually the seeker manifests the Guru. This information stayed in my memory bank it surfaced the other day at Shakti Gawain’s workshop. Where the instructor took us through the process of manifesting our Guru.  The first step of course was creating the sanctuary. Preferably the one with visual imaging.

Then we could look into the distance, and visualize light or a source point that attracts us. We know walk down to that light.

This form gets clearer, and clearer, it sometimes even takes a physical form. The physical form might be man/woman/animal of any age, sex the attire could be anything. The face may or may not be defined.

We now greet this form. We can ask his name. Here was a challenge to lot of people particularly in the Indian tradition we do not know how call a person without sounding rude. What worked for me,”how may I address you?” take whatever name that springs to you.

With your guide, take a tour of your sanctuary. Explore it, it amazing how the guide will bring to your attention or sensitized you to things you had never noticed.  Sometimes, it might be just companionship with no other exchange.  Sometimes there could be an advice or sharing.

If we have specific question we could ask it. For me ever since I lost my father, the person who emerges in this walk is my father so many times I have put forth issues to him. The answer is not always specific; it is many times hazy and ambiguous the clarity comes when you are in the mundane.

Most of the times this experience is good. If it is not then there is a closure that you need I would work on that.

If the Guide is someone you know and look up to then it is  fine, if it is someone you are uncomfortable with again a closure is required. See how it can be done.

When I started out, my guide would be very critical and harsh. The experience was quite draining. My instructor told me to note the criticism and thank my guide. It was my me getting in touch with my inner self. And as worked the affirmations and closures, the experience became pleasanter.  Until it became peaceful.

During our sharing people would describe their guides, interestingly guides seem to be of varying variety. Eccentric, weird, dramatic this is because we manifest our guide through our creativity. And creativity is when unleashed is unbounded. Oh! Yes guides do change name, and form.


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