The sanctuary



my surgery teacher had beautiful bathroom, his family called it his throne room. The toilet chamber, a bathtub – the concept of aroma therapy had not yet seeped in, he used a soft music record player and most importantly a bible.

My Aunt Ahalya had her cabin in the department, of course given the then atmosphere lot of people thought she was very unfeminine because of the absolute clutter free way she had kept no family photographs or piles of books. Her argument was very simple, visual piles upset her. She needs her space from people and work, that made her an absolute genius in her professional work.

It was something that we all found amusing.

But coming to think of it, it does become quite important to have place that will let us relax, without being disturbed. It is great when we have a physical space available like professors glamour room/throne room or my aunt Ahalya’s cabin, it allowed them that space. For aunt Ahalya more so because even in a house others, habits and decor images play an important role.

When I shifted to the hostel creating this space was an issue for me and without this space I was very cranky. This technique that grandmother shared worked great for me.—

Visualize a place that gives you rest, Gran’s words were allows you to repair and rejuvenate.  Close your eyes,for me it was a clove of tall trees, with their branches spread. Blending with this was the gentle warmth from the sun. The quietness, the coolness, the almost inaudible chirping of birds and drone of bees. The place is so safe, and so soothing.

This really helped me heal. And before I begin my meditation, I go to this imagery and it is so peaceful. I have a small altar with the Buddha installed under of the trees.

That was another thing that my grandmother used to say, the sanctuary can change, it can be very improbable but it should be something that brings a smile on your face.


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