accepting luxury.


meditationExcellence creativity innovation whatever we choose to call it happens only in expansion.

We need to believe in abundance, in sufficiency, only then can we achieve excellence, creativity whatever. Yet we always work with the presumption of scarcity, and lack. We quote delayed gratification when it comes to pamper ourselves. It could be a stupid thing like buying a new trouser or a magazine subscription.

As of now I dealing with a block of buying myself a wet garbage recycler, I feel the sense  anger, frustration this places a faint constriction in my life. When I go to buy the recycler, I come up with questions like where will keep it? What will I do with the compost that is generated, my house will stink. This is in turn acting like a block to my creating my terrace garden.

Most of the time things just boil down money and having things, try completing these incomplete sentences it is quite amazing how many notions we nurture about money, and luxury… just put down whatever pops into you first.

  • People with money are—
  • Money makes people –
  • I’ll have more money if—
  • My dad thought money was –
  • My mom always thought money would —
  • In my family money caused —
  • Money equals
  • If I had money I would
  • If I could/ afford it I would
  • I’m afraid if I had money I would—
  • Money is—
  • Having money not—
  • In order to have more money, I need to—
  • When I have money I usually –
  • I think money—
  • Being broke tells me —

A friend of mine is a very successful artist, but his issue is he has no time for his family. He has come from the space that says I should be working not goofing with my family.

The most relevant question however would be what is what do we call a luxury on a personal plane?


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