healing– accidents.


meditationBeing an allopathic trained in intervention and prevention of  disease and linking it emotional and state of mind was difficult. As I practised healing techniques that I learnt from Louise Hay and Hypnotherapy it was easier I even experimented with disorders manifesting in me. I am prone to skin rashes and accidents. I could affirm myself out low back ache, skin rash but accidents are still a challenge

Since then when I am dealing with my sleep disorder patients or tobacco addicts I do take a detailed history and sometimes even give them affirmations to deal with issues. Things have made huge difference. Of course this is not a panacea for all disorders but it does help in a great way. Louise actually gives the area of disease or disorder and the emotion that is compromised.

But when we look deep within we do find that our beliefs and our feelings our fears and anxiety manifests in a physical plane. Suppressed emotions could trigger the cancer potential. Persistent cough is indicative of some blockage in verbal expression.  Being physically indicates that healing is required at some plane.

Despite all this accepting accidents were a challenge to me. I could not really understand the link there until I attended Shakti’s workshop now I figure that being accident prone stems from need for love and attention. It could also manifest in someone who finds it difficult to let himself relax.

When there is an illness it would be a great idea to look at your life on a holistic plane, get the ailment treatment from an allopathic doctor and look at a healer for the deeper healing and further prevention.


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