Simple meditation technique


meditationI was all of 13yrs trying to deal with anger issues.

My grandmother, Parwati who was the disciple of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi transcendental meditation trainer initiated me into TM.  I unfortunately would drift into blissful sleep and then go on my next anger-frustration trip. Before re-initiating me she taught me a technique which I came across again few days back at a Shakti Gawain workshop.

This is a very simple technique. It also helped me find the artist in me

  • Sit in a quiet rather dark room, be comfortable.
  • Start counting down from 10–1.
  • Imagine a cord from the base of your spine to the earth, like roots anchoring you to the centre of the earth.
  • Now from the earth’s water table rises the water the nourishes you by entering your body from your feet and spreading all through.
  • From the sky through the top of your head enters the cosmic rays that energize you.
  • The blending of the two in your body balances your mind-emotions and soul.

I have found this tool a great help particularly when I  was recovering my various near fatal accidents.


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