The Flow of Universal Energy


karnaAn outflow,

DhanaVeera Karna, the great warrior he gave whenever he could. He inspires but when do charity it annoys and kept questioning myself why. The answer was giving from the place pleasure, and not in anticipation of brownie points or future investment.

There are times when we give something there is so much joy but at times there is so much of negativity.

Shakti Gawain puts it beautifully, giving is also giving to oneself, you can give only when you are open to receiving.

Somewhere when  one is connected to the great goddess, we really experience her energy and energy is dynamic in the state of flow. When we share our joy and abundance from the place of pleasure, it simply seems like the mythical akshaya patra of Draupadi.

Some things that Shakti Gawain suggests we do, to increase this outflow in our lives,

  • Who are the people you would like to flow out and connect? Who are the people in your life just reach out them, maybe call send a gift whatever.
  • Thank people who contribute to enrich your life.
  • Give away things that you don’t need or use.
  • Spend a little generously on yourself.
  • My own favourite is Tithing, that is giving a % of your earning to your spiritual source, my father had  what we called a “Devara Dabbi” where he would put in some cash, he would use this for charity, and annually he would make a trip to Tirupathi and drop off whatever was remaining in that box.

I have chosen the Goddess as my buddy, she listens to joys and sorrows, she is also receives my Tithing.


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