connecting to abundance.


healerThe concept of acknowledging abundance and connecting to the source is a better way to welcome prosperity over focusing on the scarcity, says Shakti Gawain.

How true, and this is something that the oriental Shakti worshippers tell us too. Abundance in the Indian culture is visualized as Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and abundance. The only evil in the shamanic traditions or the traditions of the east is ignorance. The Vedic texts actually claim that it is the duty of every human being to cure themselves of the dual curses of ignorance and poverty.

When Shakti, asks us to connect to the source of abundance she says visualize a beautiful space…

What Lakshmi pancharatra says is Lakshmi unlike Saraswati who is very choosy or Durga who is capricious, has to be  invited into your house with all honour.

My husband and I practised the vasant panchami vrtta for 7yrs. And what worked at least the way I perceive it is that through the three days of chanting, we visualized, focused and energized. It gave us the belief in our connection to the abundance.

Here is where it took us time to figure, that abundance came, in unexpected ways and there were times that we did not recognize and acknowledge the abundance. What manifested in our space was opportunities to create wealth, aligning our innate strengths to the universe we still had to walk the journey but the path was visible.

It was a kind of shift from ‘no, not possible, not happening’ to ’maybe’ That did create a vast difference. Again only when we connected to it, as long as we sat performing the ritual and expecting things to happen they didn’t. The day we realized that yes, we are connected to the source, and we have the resource to walk this opportunity things fell in place.

Since then I do this meditation whenever I feel the disconnect from abundance—

  • I sit and imagine myself in a lovely natural environment. (I have the picture of my father’s childhood home since he is my source of inner strength and inspiration and this is his connect.)
  • Slowly relax, let myself get comfortable, the feeling is of coming home.
  • Gradually breather deeper and start creating the images of the actions that lead- to achieving the goal. There is a sense of absolute fulfilment on reaching the completion of the goal.
  • I let that sense of fulfilment stay on.  slowly count myself out of the visualization
  • Thank the universe for the experience.

This entire exercise usually takes me 20 mnts.  When it comes to my clients I do let them narrate their story and then we take it on from there.


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