Light healing- connecting with the higher self.


meditationOne another thing that kept coming back at the Landmark Education Forum was back to the source.  Communication and completion with parents is emphasized on, it after practising the curriculum for two years that I understand that we are cleansing the path to the source. Our opinions and conclusions have contaminated the path of flow so much that there are pools of stagnant energies.

Most healing or empowering system deal with going back to source,

It is being inspired by a power greater intelligence and potency than us; we may choose to call it God. Goddess, universal intelligence.  This manifest on our high days, those days when everything is possible and the going is good.  It appears to happen sporadically because it happens spontaneously, but when one is aware of this it becomes a more deliberate action.

This communion happens in two forms, one The Receptive form—when we are meditative, and our intuition works, I call the recharge phase this can happen only if we open the channel for this wisdom, energy and inspiration to flow through. The other time is the active form – when we are co-creating our life. We are visualizing our desire and actualized it by using the creative power of endowed by the infinite energy, we function or do from the power of being to have what we create for ourselves.

Since I have been initiated into transcendental meditation by my grandmother, I practise that technique… but for novices this is the practise I use in my clinic.

Relax completely let all the tension drain out of the body and let the mind relax. Visualize a light within your heart. Glowing radiant and warm. Feel it spreading and growing moving out from you farther and farther until you are like a golden sun radiating loving energy on everything and everyone around you.

Say your affirmation if the person has no definite affirmation yet then I go for universal ones,

I love and accept myself just the way I am



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