Tripod of life.


creative visualizationThere is this beautiful concept that I learnt from Shakti Gawain in her creative visualization techniques. Believe me I came across this in the Landmark Education forum too, though not so explicitly.  This is  works because there is an attitudinal shift.

There are three aspects that make life, being—doing – having.

Being is the existing in the zone, being alive and totally in the present.

Doing is movement and activity, our natural vital the creative energy that flows through us.

Having is our relationship to life and the world. It is our ability to allow and accept things and people in our life.

These are interdependent points that form a triangle. We often tend to work the other way around we  need to be who we are then do what we need to do to have what we want.

Creative visualization helps to

connect us with our being.

To help us facilitate our doing                                        

To deepen, expand and align our having.”


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