The dictionary defines  fever as a body temperature that is higher than normal a disease that causes an increase in the body temperature. A state of excited emotion or activity.

What causes fever?

The body has immune cells that fight any cell that it does not recognize as belonging to the body. this body reaction uses the body energy resulting in increase of body temperature.

  1. Viral surface toxins.
  2. The histamine released by damaged cells,
  3. The toxin created by the body’s own defence cells.

Actually your body’s pyrogens send signals to hypothalamus.

The advertisements that show a child manifesting fever because of bedwetting. Well don’t believe it. bed wetting leaves warmth. And if it does get a little damp the child will cry. That is no excuse to use diapers.

Catching a cold after a walk in the rain, that is your immune system working efficiently.

If the ever shoots over 100o that is cause for concern. And if the child exhibits convulsions it is an emergency. One needs to see a Family physician/pediatrician and not a neurologist.

Many times we are so into taking antibiotics when the first degree of fever occurs that we forget that the fever is a symptom.  The best thing one could do is to take a day or two off. This would help the body recuperate and fight the actual disease and stop the spread if it is an epidemic. I had a patient who swallowed x- antibiotic and paracetamol to go to work. It turned out she had chicken pox. Her bravado landed in causing direct contact spread of chicken pox to the school kids from there to the their parents.




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