choice theory and Reality therapy

answer these questions in these areas of your life.

answer these questions in these areas of your life.

Reality therapy.

Workshop  Dr. Elizabeth Cady staton.

n  Outline and development of reality therapy. —involvement of Glassner.

n  The theory of reality therapy and choice theory including core concepts

n  Discussing the counselling relationship and goals in reality therapy

n  Describe assessment process and techniques in reality therapy

n  Demonstrate some therapeutic techniques

n  Clarify effectiveness of reality therapy

Nature of people:

Psychological problems are a result of inability to fulfil, ones basic needs. Correlation exists between lack of success in meeting needs and degree of distress and unhappiness. Denial of reality refers to tendency to try to avoid natural and logical consequences of behaviour. Irresponsible behavior attempts to satisfy in ways that infringe on the rights of others. Leading to trouble.

Glassner’s belief

n  Teach people to love and to be loved.

n  Help people feel valued by themselves and others.

Choice theory:

Choice theory is based on the following understanding.

n  Only behaviour we can control is our own.

n  We are responsible only for what we choose to do with our behavior.

n  All long  lasting psychological problems are relationship problems resulting from attempts to get people to do things they do not want to do.

5 basic human needsctrt-basic need

n  Survival

n  Freedom

n  Power

n  Fun

Love and belonging.

Important terms with reference to CTRT

Denial of reality is tendency of people to try to avoid the unpleasant natural and logical consequences of their irresponsible behavior.

Irresponsible behavior are attempts by people to satisfy their basic needs in the way that infringes on the rights of others to meet their needs.

Theory of counselling.

n  Discard mental illness in favour of responsibility.

n  Focus on moral issues of right or wrong

Ignore past focus on present and future.

n  Counselling with children is teaching and learning experience.

What is behaviour?

Behaviour is acting, thinking, feeling and physiology.

People are responsible for their own choices decisions goals and happiness. We control our mental images. We choose psychosomatic illness we can choose something more satisfying. The closer the reality is to our quality world the happier we will be.

Four behaviour choicesctrt

  1. Continue to depress yourself
  2. Change what we are doing to get what we want.
  3. Change what you want.
  4. Both #2 and #3.

To research further

n  Glassner’s belief – those will lead to success identity.

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