History of Hypnosis


Early shamans, medicine men and witch doctors have been known to use hypnosis, as did the soothsayers of Egypt and Greece. They also used it for healing.

1493-1541 Paracelsus   spoke of use astral bodies and magnets. Mesmer used what he called as animal magnetism to elicit cures and that became a range in the 18th century Europe.

This created the base of for current day group psychotherapy, psychoanalysis’ and spiritual healing.  Then came Petetin who discovered catalepsy, Marquis de Puysegur who described artificial somnambulism etc.

1840-50 James Esdaile reported painless operation using hypnosis

1849 Crawford Long spoke of mesmerism being used for surgery.

James Braid is acknowledged as the father of modern hypnosis.

However suggestive therapy was truly established by Lifebelt through his book Du sommeil in 1866.along with Hippolyte Berbhiem a renowned neurologist, developed his theories and treated over 12,00 patients.

It was accepted as science in 1886 when Bernheim published De La suggestion.

It was on sept.13th 1958 the counsel on mental health of American medical association folly accepted hypnosis and recommended its inclusion in the curriculum of medical schools and postgraduate residencies. The British medical association had previously recognised hypnosis for psychiatric and surgical use. 


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